Mystery Quilt 2017#3 - Clue 2 / #QuiltvilleMystery - Zus van de Doppen

Every year my favorite designer Bonnie Hunter (Quiltville) starts a mystery quilt. Everybody all over the world can sew along for free and I’m one of the many participants.

My introduction to this mystery quilt can be found HERE.

I decided to make a throw size quilt for my sister, to match the colors of her wall hangings. And because she is my sister, the working name for my quilt will be “Zus van de doppen” (Dutch for sister of the caps - don’t ask, it’s something between my sister and me).

It’s time for clue number 2 – sewing flying geese.
Bonnie explains three different techniques.
I have the Easy Angle and Companion Angle rulers, they are great for sewing flying geese – no waste!

After some cutting I remembered a tip: use paper plates for keeping parts ready to sew and move them from the cutting station to the sewing station, and later to the ironing board. I don’t have paper plates at hand but I do have plastic ones. It works great! If you use paper ones you can even make notes on the plates.

Another tip to be added to the List of Mystery Tips & Trics.

This time we will be sewing a lot of flying geese.

To be able to keep track of how many you have made already, you could use pins or clips and make stacks of 10 units. It is easier to count than hundreds of loose blocks!

Another tip is to put door stops to angle your machine toward you. Many find it improves your field of vision when guiding your fabric, and it reduces neck strain.

I don’t have door stops but I do have a few rolls of wasi tape. That works too!

Now everything is set up I can start to sew.

If you’re doing the stich and flip technique, keep Bonnie’s advice in mind:

"the drawn line is NOT your stitching line. The drawn line is where your fabric needs to fold if it is going to reach the upper corner of your unit to maintain the correct size and shape. DO NOT sew ON the line! Place your needle to the RIGHT of the line, toward the corner you will be cutting off.

Your stitching should touch up against the line, but not be ON it. This will enable the fabric to fold where it should, and the drawn line will end up on TOP of your thread where it belongs, and your folded corner will reach all the way where it should."

The first units are finished.  Of course it’s fun to play and see what the possibilities are  :-)

A few days after releasing a clue Bonnie gives all participants the opportunity to share their progress by submitting a picture on the dedicated Mystery Link-Up page. It’s a great way to see alternative color ways some participants are working with. Did you take a look already?


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