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Zakynthos, arrival and Cameo island.

After a few years of waiting, because of Aunt Corona, it was finally going to happen. On Sunday, September 18th, my hubby and I left for Zakynthos. We had booked via Sunweb and flew to this beautiful island via Eindhoven Airport. Through our travel company, we had also done Quick parking in Best. Once there, we parked the car and switched to a small van with a few more people. The trip to the plane did not take long. Within about 10 minutes, we were in the parking garage for Kiss & Ride. Out your bags and off to the Drop off. Fortunately, we had already checked in at home.

There was already a queue at the entrance to the building and after the Drop off we were allowed to join there. Airport employees assured us that waiting for security took about 1 to 15 hours. Still, we were pulled out of line halfway, along with other people who also flew to Zakynthos, and we were able to catch up quite a bit. Well in time, we arrived at the gate where we could board the plane.

After a prosperous flight, we arrived at the Porto Koukla Beach hotel in Lithakia around 20:30 in the evening where, after putting the bags in the hotel room, we were able to have a nice bite to eat with a beautiful view of the bay.

And then you wake up the next morning with a lovely sun and then a nice breakfast buffet with a view.

With a full stomach we went for a walk towards Agios Sostis, a village half an hour's walk from our hotel by road and inside (which we did later in the week) only 10 minutes to fifteen minutes. This depends on whether you walk back in the light or in the dark. Plus inside is a bit via agriculture and ditch. That's also why the time difference in the dark. So watch where you walk.

Arriving in the front part of Agios Sostis, we arrived in a street with restaurants and pieces of beach. There we found out that you could choose between 2 paths to get to Cameo Island. Walk down the beach, stairs and along the rocks about a few meters above the sea or walk quite a bit by road . We chose the first.

Via this rocky path you arrive at the port of Agios Sostis, where there is also the famous wooden walkway to Cameo Island. Unfortunately for us, a few scooters were in the way of taking a nice picture, but John was able to limit it to 1 scooter.

Cameo Island was created by a severe earthquake in the 17th century that broke the small island away from the island of Zakynthos. The island is privately owned and you pay €5, - to continue visiting the island. The counter where you do this is as soon as you cross the bridge and climbed up a staircase.

The white canvases hanging on the island are from an event or rather a festival called The White Party. I don't remember whether the festival is still being held on the island, but partly thanks to those waving canvases and the beautiful location, it is also often rented out as a wedding location. And that's not cheap. But then you also have something!

After seeing this beautiful island, we went back to the hotel to enjoy lunch and the pool. Man, man, man, how I missed a pool in my garden. enjoying!

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