Zeeland and South Holland code orange


On the published map about the #corona in #europa , Zeeland and South Holland have also been colours as code orange since today. Now if you travel to areas with code orange (according to RIVM and Dutch government), we know that you have to go into home isolation. Although there are also stories that are not necessary or obligatory. The #overheid is not clear in this as about so many things. #Nederland has been said that areas by the Netherlands itself can also be put on orange by preventing small fire spots and spreading. And does the 2 weeks home insulation also apply? The #eu has a different image than the #RIVM and the #kabinet when it comes to how auction it is on #vakantie . On this map you can see that the Costa's and around #barcalona red or orange colors, while the Netherlands has not yet done so. You can also see that Paris on this map is orange. Here you can also see that certain areas are green, this is when there are few people living in those areas or very apart. #coronaviruslockdown

Update Belgium: They have colored the map of the Netherlands from green to oran you for the provinces: north and south Holland and Zeeland.

If they have been there, they are asked to go into home quarantine for 2 weeks and have z8ch tested.