Zelf kastanjemeel maken

Pittige pannenkoeken, kruidige koekjes, krachtige cake,... je geeft ze een extra twist met kastanjemeel.  Kastanjemeel geeft je gerechten een lichtzoete en nootachtige smaak én is glutenvrij. Het meel is kant-en-klaar te koop in je biologische supermarkt of natuurwinkel, maar waarom niet eens zelf maken? 
Ik vond in elk geval 2 rakkers die met veel plezier de stekelige bolsters voor mij wilden trotseren ;)

Bereiding (voor 250 gram bloem):

* Verzamel 750 gram tamme kastanjes (gewogen zonder bolster) en snij hun schil overlangs door met een scherp mesje (taai goedje: opgepast voor de vingers!).
* Kook de kastanjes een paar minuten in water.
* Leg de uitgelekte kastanjes open op een bakplaat en rooster ze een 20-tal minuten in de oven op 200 graden. Het is niet de bedoeling dat ze poffen. 
* Verwijder alle taaie buitenschillen, verkruimel de kastanjes en spreid ze open in een voedseldroger (of op bakplaten van een reguliere oven). 
* Droog een 2-tal uur op zo'n 50 graden.
* Maal de gedroogde kastanjes fijn. Dat kan in een vijzel, koffiemolen, keukenmachine of door een zeef geduwd, afhankelijk van het eindresultaat dat jij verkiest (fijn of grof gemalen). 

Hou er rekening mee dat kastanjemeel een vrij 'dicht' meel is: het zal niet rijzen. Wil je je gebak of gerecht toch wat luchtiger, meng het kastanjemeel dan met een ander meel naar keuze. 

Max Verstappen Formula 1 racing car crafts
Fathers may not tinker very often, they usually do other fun things with their children. But when it comes to Max Verstappen or Formula 1, they will soon be all ears! Crafting a Formula 1 racing car from a paper towel, that's fun to do! You don't really need much, you know! And hard? It may seem, but that's really easy! Supplies: a kitchen roll, black acrylic paint, 8 plastic caps (made of milk jerry cans), 12 black beads and 2 wooden satay sticks. Must work, right? It may also be that you are looking for a cool craft for Father's Day or for a birthday. Maybe you want to tinker him for a fanatical F1 fan. Then you're all right here! The method is described step-by-step and most importantly: the pattern and labels are available below for free to print! If you find it too difficult to pierce the sticks, just stick the wheels to the kitchen roll on the side. Let's get started soon! Save and print the images from the saved folder. Make sure the example of the kitchen roll is as long as your own kitchen roll. Then put ready: kitchen roll, black paint with brush, 8 caps, 2 satsticks, scissors, puncture pen, hobby knife, stapler, paper clip, possibly glue and 12 black iron beads Roll the print around the kitchen towel and cut out the lines. The dotted lines are fold lines If you can't cut, you can also use the hobby knife Fold the front wing as the example Fold the rear wing as the example Create a fold line on top, like the example Paint the kitchen towel and the 8 caps (front and back of the caps do not need) Let it all dry well before proceeding with it Cut out the wheels and the plates and stick Max on a cocktail stick Stick the plates of the wheels onto the caps Prick the hole with the puncture pin Turn with the hobby knife to make the hole large enough so that the satay stick easily passes through Cut 12 string beads so that they can easily cross the stick Stick 2 caps together so you get 4 double wheels Cut the front wing a little more so you can fold it to a point Roll the front side and not tighten it in front and glue it. The paper clip holds it for a while so that the glue can dry well and you will remove Punch holes opposite each other at the back and insert the stick through. After that, pierce the holes in the front Slide 2x2 beads on each stick Slide the wheels on the sticks and then slide another bead on them. Cut off the remaining stick with strong scissors Stick the print on the car and pierce Max “behind the wheel” Would you rather take a picture of yourself or your father behind the wheel? Could be too! This car can even really roll and thus race! Are you on the hook and want more? Then add a grandstand, a finish flag or an entire circuit! Maybe also nice to show, that it can also be done in the following way. It was our first version and a bit simpler, but also quite nice, right? More of these kinds of fun crafts can be found on the website of Crea with Kids . And do you follow De Craft Teacher Ede on Facebook and Instagram? Nice Max Verstappen getjes tips: Carrera toy car scale 1/43 garden poster (plastic 40x30cm) cufflinks (for your shirt):) Yoors is a platform for everyone! From now on, look at Yoors too? Please sign in first with your email address. This is free, without obligation and without obligations! Click on login below and enter your email address. That's all!Then sign out again, right? Can also, very easily! You will not receive advertising from Yoors and your email address will always be private - Log in #maxverstappen #formule1 #f1 #racewagen #raceauto #knutselen #f1knutselen #formule1auto #flknutsel #vaderdag #vaderdagknutselen #papa #vader #jongensknutsel #keukenrol #redbull #pirelli
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#yoorsoriginalvideo I hope you like my first post, I did it with great affection, I was a little nervous but with great emotion at the same time.