The zulian patacon is different from tostones and patacones in the rest of the country and the Caribbean area, is thin and stylized, filled with various ingredients and two (2) thin and wide tops are used in a kind of zulian sandwich.
To prepare a patacon, cut a small green banana in half, fry for 10 minutes both pieces in plenty of hot oil, until golden brown and drain into a strainer.

Separately we place a plastic bag cut on the sides forming two lids shaped like < which we place on a wooden board or over the top of the kitchen, in the middle add salt, oregano and ground garlic and place one of the pieces of banana, cover with plastic bag and crush with a flat plate until we get a flattened disc which fry in hot oil until toasted.

We take one of the ready-made patacon tops and fill with the ingredients of our choice; however, all patacón is always stuffed with hand cheese, lettuce, tomato on wheels, green sauce, ketchup and mustard, the rest of the ingredients will depend on the taste and pocket of the diner. The most popular ingredient for filling patacones is the baked leg cut into small slices.

The stuffed patacón originates from the city of Maracaibo in the state of Zulia, where there are food sites specialized in this type of preparation, there are countless street food stalls offering the patacón and it is said that each site is better than another.

In some places we offer stuffed patacón made with ripe banana and stuffed with almost any product. This is perhaps the best known dish of marabina cuisine in Venezuela

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