Unpacking my wardrobe gives me peace of space and money

Personally, I am always very organized and structured, everything has its permanent place in the house. Unfortunately, my sons don't seem to have taken over this gift from me. Time for a change, because who knows how long this will take? I'm going to use next period to unpack, I'll start with my clothes, because I've been working on that for a few days.

Unpacking my wardrobe delivers me: peace, space and money

Inspired by a post by fellow writer @GMVDminimalism I went to work with unpacking.

Just as the aforementioned writer himself mentions in her post about Self isolation; the moment to unpack “A tidy house is a tidy head.” I can very much agree with that, I always get peace in my head when my house is cleaned up, but now that I'm sitting at home with three sons and a man who generally works most at home, our house has become a chaos over the last few weeks. Everywhere there are computers, stuff, and everyone seems to put everything away where he walks. Terrible how restless that got.

Unpack my wardrobe

Today I started with a part of unpacking of myself, namely my clothes. Man man... how many clothes a man has, you can only handle one set a day. Time to put things away. With a garbage bag, laundry baskets and a large dose of good courage, I went to work. First all the clothes from the hanging part. One by one I took it off the hanging rack and with every piece of clothing I asked myself the following question:

1. Do I like this enough?

2. Am I ever gonna wear this again?

3. Does this still fit me?

If I answered “No” to one of the above questions, I ask myself the following questions:

1. Can I make someone else happy with this?

2. Is it clean and whole?

Based on these two questions, I decide in which laundry basket or bag the clothes will be broken. The garbage bag is for clothing that can be sent directly to the garbage bin, because it is no longer possible to clean, or damaged to such an extent that it is irreparable. If the clothes are still clean, very and modern, it disappears in the laundry basket with clothes that I'm going to offer for sale through the local facebook pages, marketplace and united wardrobe. If the clothes are still in good condition, but I expect that no one would want to buy this more then it disappears in another laundry basket, the laundry basket with garments that will be put in a garment container when I'm done picking out.


Wardrobe unpacking that will be a few days of work

The hanging part was already good for 1.5 hours of work and these were mainly: dresses, jackets and belts, after writing this post I continue with the eight shelves that are also packed with shirts, sweaters, skirts and trousers. Then you would think I'm done after that, but then I also have 2 shelves with swimwear: bikinis, swimsuits and wrap dresses and finally 4 shelves full of shoes: pumps, boots, slippers, sneakers. And then I completely forget to mention that my collection of bags still needs to be checked. Oops...

Unpacking not only gives me space but also gives me a nice amount of money

When I have sorted everything out then it's time to take pictures and place online, hopefully unpacking will not only give me more space and rest, but also a nice amount of money that I will set aside for a city trip to London with the family, provided the Corona measures no longer are in force.

The clothes that are still good, but not saleable I put on the local giveaway corner or put in a garment container when no one is interested, in this way I can make someone else happy with it, and that does me good.


GMVdMinimalism can be followed through Yoo.rs and her own successful facebook group, highly recommended!

“GMVdMinimalism is an enthusiastic writer who is delighted to share her pieces about saving and austerity, veganism, minimalism, consumering, unpacking, sustainability, zero-waste, self-sufficient life and simple life, but also on all the other topics she has in everyday life encounters. She lives together with her cat Sientje and her chickens Annabel, Zarah and Coby in the middle of the Netherlands. As a fanatical vegan and minimalist with a green and sustainable heart, she does not take a leaf for her mouth. Do you want to follow her and always be the first to know about her daily writings? Join her Facebook group by clicking —> GMVDminimalism “I can advise everyone to follow her, both on Yoo.rs and through her facebook group, she has at least opened my eyes, that doesn't make things happy, that's why I started unpacking. And after my clothes I do not stop, but I also dive into the bookcase to unpack and also the garage, living room, children's rooms and the like will not remain untouched. I don't have to be bored in the coming period.