Winter is coming to Bangladesh

Within the next few weeks we are going to witness the arrival of Winter season in Bangladesh. Recent climate changes have significantly changed the behavior of Winter season for the Asia Region. With reference to one of the earlier post we made in our account regarding climate change in Bangladesh, it is expected that this year it will still remain as a surprise for all of us. In winter, we witness various changes in our culture and everyday lifestyle. We get to enjoy winter foods such as various level of Candy such as Vapa pitha, Chitoy pitha, Puli pitha, Dolla Pitha, Patishaptha Pitha etc. and different types of vegetables and fruits such as Fulkopi, Khejurer Rosh etc. People also wear warm cloths and use blankets at nights. Most of us have to wear a sweater and a head cap to keep our body safe from cold. There are many people in our country who are living a poor quality of life and as a result can't afford to pay for winter cloths. They mostly need to rely on others for help. In recent years we have heard people dying in the winter season mostly in urban and rural areas. With hopes and admiration, we would like to bring a change to this situation. We would all love to welcome everyone to visit and enjoy the beautiful Bangladesh at winter.