#herbs Medicinal plants can help us with small ailments and also provide us with a garden full of aromas. They are easy to use to cure common ailments at home, do not require much effort, when growing and collecting.
In addition to providing oxygen to the environment, plants give us joy, relax help us to release stress, give us well-being and bring warmth to our environments.
How living beings that are, bring growth of all kinds: spiritual, emotional and intellectual.
In botany the easiest way to synthesize plants, is to apply it to medicine.
Any extraction of medicinal plants for therapeutic, curative or preventive use is considered herbalist.
Herbalist is the set of knowledge about the properties of plants to cure or generate some benefit in humans.
Plants all over the world, have been our main source of food, and medicinal.
The plants that should not be missing in your home are:
•LAVENDER - has soothing properties and its oils are good for health
•ALOE VERA is a refreshing and healing plant
• ROSEMARY has anti-inflammatory properties, serves to combat dandruff and repels mosquitoes
•CHAMOMILE is used for stomach or nervous disorders
•MINT is a digestive medicinal plant, analgesic, antiseptic and decongests the nostrils
•CALENDULA is very versatile is used to lift the mood
•DANDELION is used both leaves and root used as diuretic, mild laxative, hepatic detoxifying
•NETTLE is a medicinal herb rich in minerals, it is circulatory stimulant
•AJO is a potent antiviral, protect against infections
•ARNICA serves to relieve muscle and joint pain, bruises, strains and kinks