2 ways to make a fashion mouthcap including free pattern

From June 1, it was already mandatory to wear a mouthcap while traveling by public transport, but the rules are becoming more stringent, and in more and more places wearing a mouthcap is mandatory. For the people who do not want to go over the street as a dentist or surgeon with a blue medical mask, there are already not medical fabric mask for sale at various fashion stores, the operation remains pretty much the same it only looks more fashion, it is cost-conscious and also very important better for the environment, because you can wash and reuse them. Even though various fashion stores all offer different patterns, sometimes there is no mouthcap to what exactly your style is, and therefore you can also make them yourself, how I explain it to you in 2 ways. With and without sewing machine.

2 ways to make a fashion mouthcap, including free pattern

Corona is not completely out of our system yet, but it seems to be getting a decline now because people are increasingly aware of the rules, adhering to them. Of course, many people have become seriously ill, cured, but hundreds have also died of them. And that's something we'll never forget. Corona is a disease that no one has seen coming, and has had us all in its grip from the beginning. We must continue to be careful, not for ourselves, but also for our family and the other people. This is the moment when we can show that we are thinking not only of ourselves, but also of our fellow human beings. One of the important measures, besides hygiene, keeping a distance and staying at home in case of complaints, is wearing a mouthcap.

In the introduction I told you that there are a lot of places where you can buy mouthcaps, the most large fashion stores already sell them, and also several supermarkets are increasingly not offering medical and medical mouthcaps. Good thing they do this, but I myself try to match my clothes, shoes and accessories, and then a purchased mask just can't have the right color. Even though it is mandatory, and I certainly love wearing a mask. I make sure I wear a mask that matches the rest of my outfit, I like fashion items.

Partly because of my love for fashion and the limited choice in non-medical mouthcaps I started reading myself about how you can make your own mouth caps. And during my search, I came across the following information.

How to make a mouth cap using a sewing machine

Through the video below, you can easily and quickly learn how to make your own non-medical mouthcap. You need to know a little bit about a sewing machine for this method, but once you master it, you'll never forget it again. Who knows, your mother, your aunt or maybe a girlfriend might still have a sewing machine. Then all you need is:

  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Wire
  • Iron
  • Safety pin
  • 2 cotton patches of 18x13cm (for sale at the local fabric market, but also praxis has a choice)
  • A fashion piece of fabric of 24 x 19cm for the outside
  • 35 cm elastic A vacuum cleaner filter (for sale at the supermarket) or possibly a clean tissue

You have purchased everything, your sewing machine is ready and you are ready, it is now time to use the Dragonfly video to make the non-medical mask.


*Additional tips:

- Make sure that you have enough clean tissue or vacuum cleaner filters at your disposal (you will need to change them several times in a day, otherwise the non-medical mask will not work properly)

- You also need to wash your mouthcap daily at minimum 60 degrees to kill germs and bacteria

- Store the mouthcap in, for example, a spectacle case if you don't wear it, so germs don't get a chance to sit on it, before you start wearing the mouthcap

Image Source: Pixabay

Quickly create a mouthcap without a sewing machine

Do you need a mouthcap last minute that's not a problem, MargrietNL posted on Youtube a video in which you learn to make a non-medical mask within two minutes, without using a sewing machine. What do you need for this:

  • Piece of fabric 40 cm
  • Two large hair elastics
  • Scissors
  • Two small hair elastics
  • Tape measure or ruler
*Additional tips:

- This non-medical mouthcap brings less protection than the one with a filter sewn into it, but if you need to leave quickly it is an ideal temporary solution

- Like the other non-medical mouthcap, wash it daily at minimum 60 degrees to kill germs and bacteria

- You can also store this mouthcap in, for example, a eyeglass case if you don't wear it, so germs don't get a chance to sit on it, before you start wearing the mouthcap

Image Source: Pixabay

Pattern for making a non-medical mouthcap


Does a non-medical mask offer sufficient protection?

I can't say that a self-made non-medical mask will work 100% against contamination of the coronavirus, but who can guarantee us that the other mask will do this? Mouth caps are there as protection and support alongside the other measures imposed, it is and remains important to always adhere to the rules of life imposed by Prime Minister Rutte.

However, it has been proven that wearing a mask, whether or not medical. It contributes to a smaller spread of the coronavirus. Whoever wears a mask, especially if you unconsciously carry the coronavirus with you, is much less likely to vomit than if you do not use a mouthcap.

Which substances are best suited for making a non-medical mask?

A combination of thick cotton (think of old bedding for example) in combination with chiffon (airy blouse fabric) is the most ideal combination for a non-medical mask. A study in Chicago showed that combining these two substances is more resistant than any other combination. The cotton part is worn on the outside, and the chiffon part is soft on your cheeks and face. This enhances the wearing comfort, but still offers extra protection against the smallest droplets.
How do you experience wearing a mouthcap? Share your experience in a comment below.

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