132 Kerst knutsels en ideetjes

Gezellige tijd in december..de voorbereidingen voor de #kerst . Om een idee te krijgen wat je kan doen voor kerst om te #knutselen , heb ik dit overzicht gemaakt.

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Kerst #kleurplaten / kijkdoos/afvink-adventkalender/werkboek

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Kerst #versieringen maken voor in de boom

Kerstkrans /#Kerststukje / #Kerststal

Kerstversiering maken voor #decoratie

Hoe werkt #Knutselen van kerstpinguins van lege plastic flessen?

Kerst #kaarsen maken

#Kerstpakjes maken/ versieren

Kerst #haken / Handwerken

#Kerstkoekjes / kerstlekkers

Winterse kou bij de Kerst?


Leuke kerst stempeltjes 26 verschillende kerst items. Maak met deze zelfinkt stempeltjes de mooiste creaties of versier je kerstkaart met een stempeltje.

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Superleuke Hama Kerst- Strijkkralen set met 2000 strijkkralen

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#janko4arsenal  "Ritual" Ink on paper 20x30cm
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My favorite snack - Wraps
just chillin' with comfort food - My #favouritesnack , the wrap! What the tasty and fun about a wrap is that it can be made in many different ways. You can fill it with anything you like. With vegetables, meat, without meat, beans, pulledpork, in short, choice sat! The first time I went to eat wraps was about 28 years ago. We went out for dinner at a Mexican restaurant with work. The map said fajitas, no idea what it was, but I was told by one of my colleagues that they were pancakes filled with chicken and vegetables. That seemed something to me and it was delightful! Wraps are actually also a kind of pancakes from corn flour or wheat flour. The fact that they sometimes have other names, such as fajitas, tortillas, burritos is due to the different traditional dishes made in Mexican and Spanish cuisine. the homemade Mc Donalds wrap - You just make it yourself and is much tastier! You know that Mc Donald's wrap, the big version in that cardboard box? I admit, I've eaten it a few times, but it's mostly a weak wrap when I take it out of the box. He almost looks steamed. That could be better in my eyes. You can easily make it yourself and find the recipe below. What do you need for 4 people 4 tortillawraps 2 crispy chicken cutlets Iceberg lettuce 4 tomatoes 1 red onion 4 slices of cheddar honey mustard sauce olive oil Preparation Fry the chicken crispy cutlets on both sides until cooked and brown. Cut them in half into pieces. In the meantime, cut the red onion into small rings and fry them briefly in the frying pan with a small dash of olive oil. Wash the tomatoes and cut them twice in half into wedges. If you want a crispy wrap, put it briefly in a frying pan on low heat and turn around. Get them out of the pan. Put the wrap on a plate. Fill the wrap with iceberg lettuce, chicken crispy schnitzel, tomato, red onion and put a slice of cheddar cheese on top and finish with honey mustard sauce. Fold the wrap in model and roll it up. Just feast! For the lover there can also be a slice of baked cat bacon or bacon in between! wraps with another filling - This variant of stuffed wraps is also tasty! Lunch tip - Multigrain wrap with vegetables, chicken fillets and honey mustard sauce - wraps casserole - Just a little different, but to lick your fingers, so good! RECIPE - Wraps casserole - Stuffed wraps with chicken breast, tomato, pineapple, creme fraiche and cumin cheese. Served with a fresh rocket salad, salad sauce with garden herbs and salsa sauce. What do you need for four people: 8 tortillawraps 1 onion 4 chicken breasts 4 tomatoes 1 can of pineapple slices 1 cup of cream fraiche 200 ml. grated cumin cheese 1 bag of rocket lettuce 1 can of corn cherry tomatoes salsa sauce salad sauce with garden herbs Preparation: Cut the chicken fillets into cubes and season them with some chicken herbs and olive oil. Leave the herbs for 10 minutes. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Fry the chicken breast cubes in a frying pan until cooked and golden brown. Unpeel the onion and cut into pieces. Wash and cut the tomatoes into four halves. Cut the pineapple rings into pieces. Fill the wraps with chicken fillet, raw onion, tomato and pineapple pieces. Roll up the wraps and place them in a baking dish. Spread the creme fraiche over the wraps and sprinkle cumin cheese on top. Place the dish in the middle of the oven and take out the dish after about 15 minutes. Definitely no longer, otherwise your creme fraiche will burn and the wraps will become too hard. Serve with a fresh rocket salad and sauces. Eat appetizing! #favouritesnack #tortillawraps #recepten #snacks #mexicaanseten #ovenschotel #mcdonalds #comfortfood