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Day 26 (January 25, 2020) - Canada gets infected

After a few days of screening, Canada has now also reported the first infection within the borders.

The first confirmed case in Australia was announced by Victorian Health Minister Jenny Mikakos. The case was about a man in his fifties, who had recently traveled through Melbourne from Wuhan to Australia and is currently being treated in Victoria. Three patients in New South Wales also tested positive. 

After a few days of screening, Canada has now also reported the first infection within the borders.

A Chinese man was examined last night in the Saint Peter's Hospital in Brussels (Belgium). The results of the study were negative. 

Investigations into possible infections are also ongoing in Portugal and Turkey. Turkey has observed a Chinese with symptoms for 36 hours and then sent back to China. The Chinese nursing staff has since been isolated and is being investigated. 

38 patients have been reported to be cured of the corona virus.


The numbers are wrong!

Why are there only 1400 reports, while China supplies 14,000 protective suits. Why have 450 army doctors and 1,230 additional medical staff been sent (there were more than 1,000)? That is almost two people per report.

Hospital staff collapse, do not see their family and report that they see at least 100 cases per person per day. Of the 1000 staff present at the hospitals in Huwan, that is quickly 100,000 patients. Is this a panic or is this a cover-up.


HUWANVIRUS No coincidence?

There are some strange "coincidences" with regard to this outbreak. For example, China's very first biosafety-level-4 lab is only 20 miles from the market where the outbreak would have occurred.

The second case of "coincidence" is that in November 2018 an American patent for "a weakened corona virus" was granted. This patent can be used as a weakened coronavirus "as a vaccine for the treatment and / or prevention of a disease" ... 

The Biosafety level-4 lab of 44 million dollars is meant to be able to study the most dangerous diseases including "studying the pathogen that causes SARS". Prior to its opening in January 2018, biosafety experts and US scientists expressed their fear that a virus could escape from the laboratory. 

In 2004, a SARS virus 'leaked' from a laboratory in Beijing. 

Experts say the current coronavirus mutated in animals and became able to infect people on the Wuhan fish market. But a 2017 article already warned about the unpredictability of laboratory animals that scientists from the Wuhan lab wanted to inject with viruses. 

Perhaps it was a very sick animal in which the virus mutated, making the disease transmissible from person to person. Maybe the biosafety lab that is next to the fish market has nothing to do and maybe I'll win the jackpot this weekend.

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