35. The ones who ask and complain the most

Some people complain about the teachers they didn’t succeed to dance with at a party or festivals.
The teachers aren’t there or they turned down a dance.

A funny observation is that the people who ask (you) to dance and/or complain the most:

- are the people who are never in your classes or never there to follow the/your workshops during the day at the festivals.
- are the people who ask a lot of questions about a bootcamp-event, but in the end never show up.

Some teachers just dance. Other teachers are more spiritual working with the energy of the music, the people/dancers around and/or the place.

# Follow the classes/workshops of the teachers to understand and creatively apply their philosophy into your dance style.

The chance to turn down a dance with you as well as your complains will likely be reduced to a minimum.

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