12 sets kerstkaarten - 24 verschillende kerstkaarten - onbeperkt printen!

12 Sets kerstkaarten - 24 verschillende kerstkaarten - onbeperkt printen 

For English click the ' select language ' button Je betaalt 1500 YP voor 24 verschillende kerstkaarten! Dan mag je ze ...

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My garden in image, word and music
#mygardenvideo Strangely enough, in the afternoon I made a video of my garden to put it under a yoorsoriginalvideo and then the booster of Henkjan came. I had already incorporated it into 'Movavi Suite' with a little music I generated by the score that I was able to legally download through Musescore and process as mp3. It's about the piece: 'Over the Garden Wall-_Into the Unkown' van 'The Blasting Company' en het wordt in een iets vlugger ritme gespeeld dan het origineel. The text you see is a poem by my hand: 'Under the cherry tree'. I made it on a spring day when I enjoyed my garden, the bushes, my pet and especially my cherry tree which already has some years that start to count. I hope you enjoy it.!
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Digital Art: Baljurk
#designchallenge Meanwhile, I've tried my hand on digital drawing. In the drawing you see my character from a game that goes to a ball. I designed the dress myself, based only on some other, but nothing completely taken over. The character comes from the game World of Warcraft, or in short WoW. In WoW you can also roleplay alongside many other things, such as leveling your character, fighting with or against other characters etc.. That means you're playing your character like you're actually living in that world. You walk around, talk to others. For example, you can play that you are the local baker and sell bread or chat with the neighbors. For example, I have several characters that I like to roleplay with, including the one I drew. The roleplay community in WoW is big and lots of things happen to keep it active and fun for everyone. For example, there are often events organized where everyone can go and tonight there is exactly such an event, a ball. In this drawing I have the dress that one of my characters will wear what designed and drawn out. That's how I and others have a picture of what she looks like on that night. I plan to go to the prom with another character. For her I also quickly created an image of how she will look at the evening, only I made more use of some simple cut and paste work.. No drawing here, but still a picture of how she will look at the ball. I didn't design this dress myself, of course, since it's a real dress that I stuck on my character.