5 plans to spend a romantic Valentine's Day pregnant

Perhaps when reading the title of this post, you thought: how am I going to celebrate a pregnant Valentine's Day if I can't drink, eat ham, sushi or meat? Well, one of the plans we propose - we can not be more original - is a romantic dinner, eh! but he's not the only one 🙂

However, there are alternatives to all the delicacies that appear in that thought. Well.... a good ham obviously has few alternatives, but... Did you know there's sushi for pregnant women?
A classic, romantic dinner on Valentine's Day
If you are a lover of gastronomy, dinner on Valentine's Day is your favorite option (although this year we may have to make a valentine dinner at home).

Well, as we expected above, if you are an addict sushi, there are menus for pregnant women. In some Japanese restaurants they make a kind of sushi with vegetables, omelette, avocado and other boiled fish (like eel), which are very good as substitutes for sashimi, makis or the delicious raw fish niguiris (it makes our water run in the mouth). Search Google for “sushi for pregnant women", in your city they probably laid the batteries, and in a Japanese restaurant they already offer it.

If you are a 100% carnivore and you like almost raw meat, you can choose to order or prepare a good, well-cooked beef, but really good, throw the house out the window! It gets a little more expensive, but you can enjoy a good steak steak.

And.... What do we do with alcohol? There are recently 0,0 beers made that are very good. And you can also search for more specialized sites for non-alcoholic wines.

And if those options do not convince you, then eat whatever you want for dinner that day: strawberries, gazpacho or salmorejo, potato omelette, pizza, fries, a day is a day. And how often are you going to be pregnant on Valentine's Day?

A good show
If your belly still allows you (we all know how uncomfortable the chairs in theaters and cinemas are), you can choose to see a good play or a premiere film. If you no longer feel like jogging or the situation does not allow, there is always the option of a sofa: film and microwave popcorn, mmm what a pleasure for a pregnant woman! A 100% homemade Valentine
Pamper yourself as a couple, a good plan to spend Valentine's Day pregnant
You can surprise your partner with a massage for two, a warm bath full of foam, candles, lots of love and then... I do not need to tell you what's coming 😉 Take advantage now, when the baby is born, find a quiet moment between diapers, drinking and crying will become very difficult.
Small gestures that are worth a lot
If you do not really want to eat, go out or bathe and, moreover, the costs pile up, the small details are worth a lot and now you have time to prepare them. And you're lucky, pregnancy stimulates the creative area of the brain... well, it's not true, but it's the same, your baby will certainly help you to make a very special gift 🙂

You can choose to prepare breakfast in bed, make a short video explaining how you met and how you came at the time of childbirth, write a list of all the things you like to your partner (keep it on hand to to read again. ፦D), I'm sure you can think of many more things!

And if the budget and situation allow, travel on Valentine's Day
You can take a little trip to the beach, go to a luxury hotel room, sail by boat, everything you can think of will be fine. They call it the “baby bean", an opportunity to be alone as a couple before the baby demands your full attention.

Enjoy the moment and Valentine's Day!