5 projects you can do with programming

If you like programming, you have a lot of ideas that go through your head and you are at home, this article is for you, because we give you some ideas so that you can get started yourself and be surprised by everything you can make yourself. in-hand programming. Call it what you want: experiment, project, design or just fun. That's what you're going to create. In our Bootcamp for web and mobile development, we always stimulate imagination, so our students never stop creating. Let's start! Here are the 5 projects you can do with programming:
Create your own game console
If you are a gamer, you would certainly be very happy to play one of the classics you played in your youth... Well, we have very good news: you can create your own console thanks to emulators! But how come that...? A console emulator is a computer software program or other computer device that emulates a game console for home use. To make this possible, you need to buy a Raspberry Pi and then install the emulator of your choice, which you can consult by clicking here, a website with a fairly full library.
Domotize your home
Put the blinds down, turn off the lights or turn them on.. All that can be done at home with programming. But how? Through the Arduino Free Hardware platform, which facilitates the development of electronic prototypes and allows you to create home automation projects. If you want to learn more about automating your home with Arduino, click here to listen to a podcast that will teach you everything.
. View your home 24/7
You can even take care of your home with the control from your smartphone. And what do you need? Again using Arduino and installing in your mobile from a GSM module to the Arduino, a sensor and the programming code, which you can see by clicking here.
4. Program mods for your games
You can also make changes or adjustments that you could have imagined in a game that already exists. Of course, it takes a lot of time and patience, but you will achieve. So take the time to design the mod you imagine and look closely at the mod or editing software that the videogame has.
5. Build an app
Yes, whatever you want, because you can easily create your own native app, insert its contents, customize the style, and share it with the ones you want. Even send them notifications every time you add new content, or just send them some kind of reminder. You can develop it in the native language, such as Java for Android and Objective-C for iOS