Ei muffin recept

Een lekker simpel ontbijt recept met zuurkool. Zuurkool is een echte power food vol goede darmbacteriën wat zorgt voor een goede spijsvertering en zit vol vit K2 en bevat Teronise wat ervoor zorgt dat je je ook lekker fit voelt. Zorg er wel voor dat je de biologische versie neemt want de gangbare zit vol azijn en is daardoor niet volledig gefermenteerd.


  • Een muffin vorm
  • 2 eieren
  • 2 plakjes ham
  • 1 bosuitje
  • 10 gram geraspte kaas
  • 50 gram biologische zuurkool.


Verwarm de oven voor op 175 graden. Vet de muffin vorm in en bekleed deze met een plakje ham. Tik hier een ei in los. Snijd de bosui in dunne ringetjes en strooi samen met de geraspte kaas over de muffin. Bak in ongeveer 20 minuten af in de oven.

Samen met de zuurkool een ontbijt om een aantal uren goed te kunnen functioneren.

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P.s Vanaf 15 januari kun je ook mee doen met mijn weekmenu’s

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Difficult kids?
#Howtodealwith The Covid 19 pandemic brought together a series of problems that go beyond the invisible enemy. We are victims of a confinement that has brought up feelings and emotions that got a valve to release the pressure on the streets, it was an escape to our underlying reality. One of these” problems “was sharing with the children because they are” difficult “. This condition is characterized by having restless, rebellious and defiant attitudes and, usually, we assume that it is the product of malcriadity, keep in mind that a child who runs, screams, experiences, is a happy child, a healthy child. And we grew up and now we see things from our heights as parents. We are on a level where society imposes rules on us and responsibilities are overwhelming us and not being able to fulfill them can lead to frustrations and/or depressions. But, we have wondered what it means to be a child in a world where parents or adults around them are always tired, overwhelmed, in a hurry or without time. I assume the answer is no. Well, it shouldn't be easy, so when you're going to deal with your child falls from your adult heights, put yourself to his height as a child, look him in the eye and ask him first what he wants to tell you, how was his day, give him a hug and tell him that you love him, understand that setting limits and correcting is not screaming, beating, angry and less disrespect, let's go with calm we can't repeat patterns. I assure you that the need to get your attention through things that can blow you up will change because now you made it part of your world and it will feel like it ceased to be a “problem”, to become your child again. Try it, then tell me how it went.
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Interview with King Willem-Alexander
Last night - on the eve of King's Day - there was a high-profile interview with King Willem-Alexander on TV - Yes. This reminds me of a self-conceived interview with our king, inspired by a writing assignment in December 2015. That's why I'm relocating it here on Yoors. Dear peeptube children, After the announcement of the Vogelrijk, a royal interview is central to the Fable newspaper this week. In this contribution we will tell you about the experiences of our underground correspondent, Momfer de Mol, on the days surrounding the interview. The interview will have to deal with the partly unrealistic, fictional hobbies of the king of the Netherlands, Willem-Alexander. Momfer first preparations - When Mr. Den Owl, the editor and newsreader of the Fable newspaper, chose Momfer de Mol for the interview with King Willem-Alexander, he mumbled with his heavy, very cheerfully: 'Then I have to dig deep. ' And precisely because of that, as a specialist, he was also chosen for this task. Momfer started the preparations by searching for leads and exits in all corridors. This was supposed to be the interview of his life. This was a unique opportunity to rise to (especially for a mole) unprecedented altitude. Momfer soon learned that he should address the king with majesty and that he was a royal highness. After a few hours, he found an old newspaper somewhere in his corridor. When he was back in Prague's house, he could just read it with his dark glasses. It said: 'King Willem-Alexander celebrates at the Heineken Holland House'. Apparently, this man liked sports, the Olympics. And partying... Nice hobbies, Momfer thought. Things are more noisy than with us in the Prague House. Only Bor wants to get out of that, but that is really nothing compared to the king and his subjects. He also came across an article about the King's house, somewhere in Africa. According to this article, the king would love monkeys. And that comes closer to our world of experience, was Momfer's inspiration. In our animal forest, we don't have monkeys yet. Maybe this will change because of this interview. And so Momfer dreamed away, quietly lying in his deep, dark valleys (eh... aisles). Substantive preparation interview with the King - Then Momfer focused on the conversation itself. He decided to open the interview with a few short questions about the sporting hobbies of King Willem-Alexander. However, the main part of the conversation he wanted to talk about the monkey hobby. There he hoped to get the most news out of the ground himself. He soon found that open questions were best in an interview like this. With his experience at the underground, he also knew for a long time that many things in the lives of famous people were covered up - read underground -. And so he also regularly encountered them on his roads through the corridor system. So he came to the following questionnaire: Your Majesty, you are still known to the people as a sports fanatic. Is sports still a big hobby of yours? Your Majesty, from your time as Crown Prince, people are looking for the image - and with that I do not want to take old cows out of the Dierenbos - of your beers at the Heineken Holland House at the Olympics. To what extent do you still see that as a hobby of yours? And then something quite different, Your Majesty. You seem to have a predilection for animals. Especially monkeys have your interest. Coming from the Dierenbos I am curious if you can tell us anything about it. Based on these three questions, Momfer hoped to have a good and newsworthy interview. The actual interview with the King - Momfer crawled out of his molehill for the live conversation with the king. Who would have thought that he would meet such an important person in the flesh? He himself, in any case, not. In the first part of the interview, the ice was broken. Except for the ice rink in the background. From behind the camera, Bor the Wolf enjoyed a great time. Hatsiekiedee, it is with us! , he cried elated. The king acknowledged that he still loves sports. However, due to his new position in society, he can show slightly less active involvement. As a result - and the disappointment began to drip off his face - he also became sad that the old beer glass came to the table again. Done business does not take once, so spoke the king. But according to him, it is a thing of the past. And because of the freedom that Momfer offered him to speak out, the smile returned to the king's face and the exclamation of Bor could be placed. When Momfer started talking about the monkeys, the king became very enthusiastic. He was happy to expand on his new and inspiring hobby. The grass began to look greener during his answers. And what did the king say about his monkey hobby, dear peeptubbuisknderen? Just listen to me. “My grandfather taught me the love of nature. As an advocate for elephants, whales and other animals - from the World Nature Fund - he showed me that animals need people.” Yes, yes, you hear well, dear peep-tube children. We've always been singing it: animals are just like humans, with the same human wishes... “I myself have seen in Africa how the monkeys need people. It is sometimes said that we are descended from them. Why should we not keep them friends? Therefore, it has become my hobby to improve the living conditions of the monkeys. By the way, do you know that monkeys have very special hobbies themselves? Monkeys from time to time, of course, swing through branches and lianas through the forests. But I know a monkey who took the bus regularly for years. Jaap - because that's his name - even saved bus books and knew all the schedules of the buses in his area by heart. Isn't that separate?” Momfer and Bor nodded in agreement. From their own world of experiences in Fabeltjesland they could of course understand this. Only they didn't know the phenomenon of monkey yet. This is quite newsworthy, Momfer thought to himself. Jaap should definitely give a workshop about his special hobby in the Prague House. “Unfortunately, my time is almost up. I would like to tell you about my hobby for hours. But if I get sent a copy of your Fable Newspaper, I will certainly respond personally. Then I can give you a more detailed explanation.” Of course Momfer and Bor also thought that this interview had been far too short. But with full understanding, Momfer concluded the conversation with the promise to send Dorien Duif along as this Fable newspaper - which I have now read to you dear peep-tube children - was done. And so Dorien Duif will soon deliver another copy to the palace of the king. And with that, peep-tube kids, we come to the end of this episode. And I end with the winged words: So, dear peeptube kids. And now: close your eyes and beaks. Sleep well! Read more - Can you keep a secret? - Am I angry, happy or both? - stories - culture, society, politics - The beard of the emperor - Do you want to write, or respond?But aren't you a member of Yoors yet? Then sign up here... - Login Accountability Images - Momfer the mole commons.wikimedia.org King and sport flick.com Mr. Owl commons.wikimedia.org #interview #koning #willemalexander #kortverhaal #fabeltjeskrant