Fallout shelter


Fallout shelter is an award winning game developed by Bethesda Game Studios. Its one of the best free-to-play simulator games which involves building a fallout shelter after nuclear disaster. It is available for both android and ios.


•Free and strategic game

•Fun and full of crafts

•Impressive sounds and visuals

•Entertaining hidden elements


You will play the role of overseer who will look after the vaults. Your objective is to improve your vault and expand its capacity to hold more population and more facilities.

The main objective is to balance food,water and energy. These bars determine the happiness of your vault and its sustainability. Imbalance in these bars will lead to lower performance.

More features:

•Different vault rooms diner,powerhouse, water filtration,storage, crafting rooms etc

• Specific abilities of vault members like strength,agility, intelligence,luck,endurance, perception etc

•Danger elements like Raiders,fire, infestation, radiation etc.

• A very fun part of the game where you can send members to search in wasteland. They will find different objects and blueprints for more crafts.

•Mission objectives on wasteland. You can see different quests in your objective where you can allocate your vault member to complete it.

•Amusing Gun fights with roaches and raiders in wasteland

•Secret hidden elements like clicking on a disappearing apparition to earn some caps.

My experience

I found this game very entertaining with fun elements of crafting,searching on wastelands, fighting with raiders and roaches. Advancing vault with more sophisticated facilities will give you a vibe of fulfillment from the game. This game will fulfill all your fantasies about the post nuclear disaster period. I recommend this game highly for those who likes less action,more strategic games with different fun elements.


•Laggy after few hours of gameplay data

•Fun diminishes overtime as objectives get more repetitive

My rating: 4/5

**I am not the owner of these photos. All of these photos are taken from google play.**