7 interesting facts about food and drink...

When it comes to food, I'm there like the chickens to find out more about it. Moreover, it is also just fun to read facts about it. So I went on research once and found something interesting that I would like to share with you..

Did you already know this ?

A Galapagos turtle can spend a year without food and drink. I find admirable that.

Adult money-flies have no mouths, because they do not have to eat because their lifespan is too short. I wonder what use they actually have in nature if they only live one day?


Counted around the world, Mac Donalds sells about 75 citizens per second. Quite a bit if you ask me.

A cucumber is better stored outside the refrigerator because it contains a lot of moisture and it spoils faster in the refrigerator. If you like a delicious fresh cucumber, put it in the fridge just before you eat it.

A beaver eats about 300 kg of wood per year. Would he never think his meal is a little heavy on his stomach??

Lachanophobia is a difficult word for a fear of vegetables. So, you immediately dive under your bed if there is a tomato on your countertop, then most likely you suffer from this disease.


And there is also a fun fact for those who are on a diet...

Celery is perceived as the food with negative calories because it costs you more calories to let the vegetable digest in your body than the number of calories this vegetable contains. I'd say.... Start nibbling..