Leuke paasdecoratie met aluminium

Van de week kwam ik het leuk blog tegen van Mirelle-Creametkids waarin zij de leuke paasdecoraties van aluminium liet zien. Het valentijnshart had ik al eens met de kinderen gemaakt. Paasdecoraties zijn vandaag gemaakt met een andere groep kinderen. En enthousiast waren ze. Zie hier de resultaten!


Word lid en beloon de maker en jezelf!

A role model
#yoorsapril2021 I work with models all the time... they stand out not only for being beautiful but rather for their personal achievements, each of them, study careers from Political Sciences past through which they are trained in International Business or exploit their personalities in Communication Sciences, many also, in parallel with the exercise of their professions decided to conduct commercial ventures, which absolutely have nothing to do with their studies. And they're doing very well.. In addition to other qualities such as how to sing or play a musical instrument and in that competitive nature, they register in competitions for amater, and fortunately appearing in the first places. That attitude is reflected in a "NO POSE” where in each session we only let light play with the camera, theirs and the environment, we do not need to suggest attitudes to stop the record are simply them... My Models. In Yoor there is a space for the sound applause of all those who admire them...
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Turn your photo into digital illustration
#DRAWING   #ILLUSTRATION   I create digital illustrations - Enya Mona As you know, I make digital illustrations and regularly blogs about them. I like to do this and now I came up with the idea of creating digital illustrations for other. Would you like to have a picture of yourself, family or with your loved one transformed into an illustration? Then you can come to me! I deliver them in good quality so you can still print them. You can always ask for adjustments in case you haven't been completely satisfied. It's also almost Mother's Day so this can also be a very nice gift that you can give to someone! Price: €15 MY DIGITAL ILLUSTRATIONS - This is how I make my artwork. So this is also what you can expect. - - - Send me a message via Yoors or to my email if you are interested. email: enya.dhollander@gmail.com I look forward to making creations for you! If you don't want digital illustration, you can also help me in another way by sharing this. I would appreciate tremendously!