8ft Shipping Containers For Sale


Buy 8ft Shipping Containers at naturalgasncontainers. Our small shipping containers are available as a full set or as individual units. When presented as a full set, all units are securely fastened to each other using ties.

Like all of our products, they are windproof, waterproof and robust, meaning that they offer superb protection against the elements.

We understand that sometimes space is at a premium, and as an alternative to a garden shed, our small shipping containers are perfect for domestic use – for more information on the benefits of using a container rather than a shed, please feel free to contact one of our experts, they’d be happy to discuss this with you.

External Dimensions Of 8ft Shipping Containers
6FT    6ft 5ins
(1980mm)    6ft 5ins
(1980mm)    6ft 3ins
(1920mm)    840kg
8FT    8ft 2ins
(2489mm)    6ft 7ins
(2000mm)    6ft 7ins
(2000mm)    840kg
9FT    9ft
(2740mm)    7ft 3ins
(2200mm)    7ft 5ins
(2260mm)    1020kg
10FT    9ft 10ins
(2990mm)    8ft
(2430mm)    8ft 6ins
(2590mm)    1300kg

Internal Dimensions
6FT    6ft
(1820mm)    6ft 1ins
(1870mm)    5ft 8ins
(1740mm)    840kg
8FT    7ft 8ins
(2330mm)    6ft 3ins
(1910mm)    6ft
(1820mm)    840kg
9FT    8ft 6ins
(2590mm)    6ft 11ins
(2110mm)    6ft 10ins
(2080mm)    1020kg
10FT    9ft 4ins
(2840mm)    7ft 8ins
(2350mm)    7ft 10ins
(2390mm)    1300kg
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8ft Shipping Containers For Sale