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Please help me spread the message. HPV is no joke. Men ans woman can get cancer. I suppose to had died within 5 year because that's how many years the gave me. A gynecologist invites you once every 5 years to take a test. Because a mistake the made i had 2 in one year. First year clean. Second time i had cancer tumor was 1 cm in just a few months. First surgery wasn't enough so last year the took everything away. You can't get a second uterus. There are 200 woman dying every year on cancer which now can be prevented.
4th of February it's World Cancer day, so it's for all type of cancer not like pink ribbon that is helping people with breastcancer.

Please help me make more awareness these days.
At google you can typ in purple ribbon and it will take it you your site where you can order your own purple ribbon. I only know the dutch site. Thank you for reading this and on 31th of January is my one year cancerfree.

Take care all. And take care of your body you only have 1.