The future depends on humans innovatively and creatively finding new ways of symbiosis with Earth and each other

"One-liner challenge on Yoors" as I like to call it, started a few days ago with @Henkjan de Krijger asking all members of Yoors What's your personal one-liner? Frankly, I did read just a headline of your post that day and reacted simultaneously in the comments. Watched the video (and read a post) after. This post is kind of about that comment since now I know and am aware of the rules (haha for those entertained by my clumsiness) so there goes the hashtag: #yoorsoneliner  
Now, when we are done with technicalities, let me just recommend very good peace on this subject The one-liner (well, two-liners) challenge! Thank you once again @Adriana because You really did help me in a practical way while working on mine.


Look at Your Mother, Human, look with Your true eyes,
Before taking your next act, ask Your self, "Is it worthwhile?"
Futures tied so closely, we're in desperate need of symbiosis.

If You think these verses lie, that's a stop sign,
take a look in the mirror's eyes as the sun set's to rise
accept how closely connected we all are.

As You look in reflection make sure to know
What kind of starting point You're seeking for?
Is it a point in one perfect whole?
Remember: Earth is Our only home.

The future of the Earth is Our future also

If you did look at Adriana's article (or watched the video on the original challenge post) you know by knowing there simple structural rules for forming a successful one-liner (nope, not one of that posts where I tell you what is it, go and check :D). And ok, mine is not personal, but it's for a brand in making, hope that's counting for the challenge. So, it's not exactly by the rules but what is? I focused on delivering answers to those three questions and got that poem. I'm curious about reflections! :)

As I was saying, symbiosis. Two (or more) different organisms living in the same area depending on each other, supporting each other's lives by being there and doing their thing. Simple as that.

Only we are humans and we can even choose and decide.   

You do not know what to choose? Too many options and it's scary? Let me make a few suggestions for you, my dear reader.

You can always start from loving and respecting You as You are, in this moment now, You can choose forgiveness and therefore freedom, you can choose compassion and understanding. Choose to follow your light. Decide better and often. Be persistent. Be present and grateful. Look for new ways in your personal space and time to make your world better. Start from there,  and you are already changing the world. And symbioses means we do it together. Trust in another. From that perspective, what do you see in the mirror? That's what's this post and my one-liner is about. 

"The future depends on humans innovatively and creatively finding new ways of symbiosis with Earth, and each other. What have You done today for the matter?"
Peace out.
Scinceriously Yours,
Child of Nature