A golden caravan piggy bank

Save holiday money in your own golden money box!

We have decorated a wooden caravan before. We like them so much, we made another one. It is a nice gift for someone who saves for their new caravan, or as a holiday piggy bank! This way you can save money for the upcoming holiday.

You could cut a slot at the top with a knife, but that's really not necessary. At the front there is a hole in the door, so you could put your coin and/or bills in it. The money can be taken out by people (or by yourself), but of course that is not the intention.

You can also attach a round lid or glass to the hole, if you want to make your savings safer.

Or you can use the cottage, which is actually a birdhouse, just as a birdhouse!


The wooden caravan has the size 18 x 8 x 11 cm high and is nice to decorate with paint, glitters, ribbons, mosaic stones, beads, cement paint, rust paint and also with Decopatch paper. Do you want to know where you can buy the (bare) caravan? Then click HERE . The paper we used is the Décopatch paper FDA586, with beautiful peacock feathers in green, white and red on a golden background. Size per sheet 30×40 cm.


The process is actually very simple: paint the caravan on the front in a nice tan, and paste pieces of Decopatch paper with Decopatch glue on top. Then coat it with the same glue, so your caravan has a protective layer against dust and dirt.


Do you want to hang the birdhouse outside? You can do that, but then paint it extra with the Decopatch exterior paint! This AquaPro UV varnish from Décopatch® protects the cottage against heat, water, wear and sunlight.

Previously we pimped this mini-caravan, but then with other colors. If you would like to see it, click on “read more” below:


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Curious about multiple Décopatch projects? Below you will find more ideas.


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