#iamnewhere Hello Yoors team, Iam Afrah Abdurahiman ,I couldn't make a detailed introduction last time ,so let me reintroduce myself
#Iamfrom Kerala,India, born in 1989
#job Iam a general practitioner by profession,working at Dubai,United Arab Emirates

#likemost what I like most is crafting ,may it be learning activities,games,crochet, embroidery or artworks
I love exploring nature and outdoor exploration is one of my relaxation methods.
The love of my life is my kids and husband.....Iam a mom to 4 lovely kids ,aged 8,7,3.5 and 1 year old.

#hobbies Books are my best companion ...I can spent days just reading books and snacking.....loves solo trips too
Iam a shopaholic in terms of shoes and art supplies..
I love creating and sharing learning activities,diy games,toys,arts and crafts on my Instagram profile @the _doctormom
Apart from crafting,i love writing...writing articles,poems,travelogue and about anything under the sun

#money Since my monetization is approved today....Iam just making plans to spend the money....for now , I would love to create more and more connections here...
I may look upon the money later to revitalise my me time......

#Iamlookingfor people with similar niche ..who are interested in crafting,writing, educational activities....
Love to be part of a community who genuinely encourages our talents and have a healthy earning
We would like to have your whole hearted support and do follow us if you love our ideas @the_doctormom

I love listening to melodious songs ....more romantic ones...
Iam a binge watcher of detective series
With regards to my profession....Iam always learning

A little introduction.......

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