A magic number in my page views.

Occasionally, I look at my stats. A few days ago, I saw a number there that I thought was magical. It wasn't even a milestone, so it didn't actually bring in any Yp, but it seemed impressive.


In the meantime, we are a few days away and he continues to tap quietly. The counter is 20 059.

I hope that one day I will reach the 25,000 milestone!

The blog is actually 2 years old, but continues to be read and shared.

He was born on a journey in Spain.
The four of us were staying in an apartment in Andalusia.
As often happens in those holiday homes, the hobs, pots and pans were not really equipped to make something decent. There was an oven, so I started working with it.
This resulted in a simple recipe, with little preparation, in which the oven actually does all the work.

After all, you are not traveling to stand for hours in a kitchen!

I took pictures of the steps and poured them on my return home into a blog. It was picked up and shared massively.

Simple, little work and nice scores well!

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