A new dog

It was in the autumn of 2019 when we planned a day away. We all walked into our best cloffie. The children were already allowed to sit in the car, we would take Casper to the car.

But our Cas was nowhere to be found! Wanted everywhere, but nowhere our four-legged friend!
Cees went for a walk, I looked with the children - who had left the car again - in the house and in the garden.

If I stood in the back of the garden and called Casper, I got a very strange barking or squeaking back. Very strange, I couldn't quite bring it home.

When Cees got back from his round, I quickly sent him to the backyard: maybe he could figure out what the sound was and where it came from.

Meanwhile, five little ones were walking around aimlessly, some in tears: their little dog had to come back very quickly, because they missed him immensely.

I was just giving the couple a drink and a snack when I saw a weird dog running into the garden from my corner of my eye. It was like a golden retriever.
We dropped everything out of our hands and ran out to look at that strange dog.

The strange dog was no stranger at all! It was our own Casper!! Only he smelled unbelievably... He jumped against us with his stinking body - it didn't matter: he was back!

Cees came into the garden, poop brown and at least as smelly as our dog.

Casper had apparently been playing with the neighbor dog and had fallen into the neighbor's millet in his enthusiasm. He could have held himself at the edge of the well for a while, just long enough to let Cees know where he was. When he saw his owner coming, his legs had gone down and he had gone down his head. Cees had pulled him up with one swing at his neck skin.

That's where our good good got into the laundry! The garden hose was packed and all the bottles of shampoo we only had in the house; we had a dog to wash.

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