A new look for Yoors mobile?

As I was surfing Yoors on my phone this evening I noticed a few subtle changes in the website's layout for mobile.

Did I just not notice this look before or is this a little Christmas gift from the Yoors team to us Yoorsies?

Here are the things I've spotted so far:

1. A simplified navigation menu

When using my phone in portrait view a menu now shows up at the bottom of the screen.

It provides quick access to a few main sections (following, pools, etc). I really like how clean and organized everything looks.

Once you click on one of the icons, the usual left-hand side menu opens in full.

I did experience some difficulty in closing this left-hand side menu while still in portrait view. I have to turn the phone around to landscape view to get the left-pointing arrow that allows me to close the menu. I am using Samsung's default browser, so it might be a browser-specific issue. I'll test it further to find out.

2. A simplified editor

From what I recall, the editor on mobile now seems to have fewer features and no access to templates/advanced settings, but on the flip side it has much faster response.

I am testing it right now to write this quick post and it is working pretty smoothly.

I'm also adding a couple of screenshots to show you how everything looks on my phone.

I've actually had a few issues adding these - a couple of times nothing happened after I selected the images to add - but I eventually managed to do it.

Another issue I've experienced is that when I stop typing and close the keyboard to have a fuller view of the post it keeps going back to the first line no matter where I was in the text. Again, this issue could be specific to the browser I am using, so further testing is needed.


What I like about this look:
Clean and easy to navigate

A few things I've had trouble with:
Closing the left-hand side menu in portrait view; adding images to a post; editor always taking me to the first line of a post when I close the keyboard

What about you? Did you also notice these changes? And what do you think of them? Looking forward to hearing from you in the comments!

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