A relaxed lockdown

For weeks, the children have been looking forward to a simple round of driving, something that was simply forbidden...

The quintet wanted to leave so much, so it was decided that we would first do a (rather nonsensical) errand and then we would drive home with a small walk (saves 2 kilometers).

All seven A4's were filled in nicely and the best coats were put on - not that anyone else could see them, but anyway, that was not to spoil the fun.

The fact that we can leave with seven of us (with a clear destination, 20 km from the house, maximum 3 hours), does not mean that we can all enter the shops together. No! The groceries still have to be done alone, at the best of the two of us.
It could not hurt the couple, waiting in the car, - they were out!!

On the way back out of the car: it seemed as if the air there felt just a little fresher and finer than in the backyard!

In the pictures you see a village: that is Castelmary - our neighbourhood belongs to it. It is a castle dating back to the 10th century with a ruin and houses built around it - the houses are inhabited, the castle can be visited.
This village - Castelmary - is so to speak with us in the backyard.

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