Alibaba, Aliexpress, Amazon, Instagram, Facebook and AIDA.

We all know those offers that come along on Facebook and Instagram.

You will see a video of a product that suddenly seems indispensable, or that appeals to you.

That's a smart marketing trick.

In marketing uses AIDA (not the musical or opera): Attention, Interest Desire, Action.

Short explanation: you see a video, it attracts your attention. You're getting interested because the video looks good. The video comes by more often, or you have just become curious, and because of this you get the feeling that your product really needs, or want to have it, and so take action: you are going to order!

Knowing this trick sometimes makes it easier to resist an offer.

But still! On my timeline the following offer always appeared:


AIDA started working with me too: as a jigsaw fan they had my Attention, and yes, I was immediately interested!

I tried to ignore the ads, but still... they stuck in my head. Would there also be an elephant puzzle??

So what happened: I went to look, even more interested.

And actually I thought such a puzzle was really cool! But most of all, I wanted an elephant...

So my Desire was stimulated, but I thought about the trick, and I held back.

In addition, fellow Yoorsiaan Diaantje also said: EVERYTHING you see in those ads you can buy many times cheaper if you do that at Uncle Ali...

So my Action was aimed at Alibaba, Uncle Ali, Aliexpress.

But I didn't find the puzzles there.

Hm, my AIDA got a little frustrated: the trick works so well!

I wanted to try such a puzzle, but yes: that price! I really wasn't going to pay €89.95 for a puzzle!

So I just looked at Amazon:


My inner AIDA almost jumped into the air! An elephant puzzle, and more than half cheaper!

But yes, I hadn't found the puzzle at Uncle Ali, and the sport is to find him there, so I silenced AIDA, at least that's what I tried.

And then the cookies on your PC and phone pass because suddenly something popped up at Alibaba...


That is a very well-known puzzle... and more than four times as cheap as Unidragon.

You understand that AIDA was uneasy to keep (I know the trick, but I'm just a human being).

I searched Alibaba in no-time, because if it could be cheaper, we'd be happy to do it.

The result: I had a lot of wooden puzzles in my shopping basket within 15 minutes, because Alibaba has connections with AIDA, you get greedy on that website!

The puzzle next door is on my way to me, I couldn't resist it, just to try if it's fun to do.

But AIDA is not done with me yet... when I want to check the shipping information, all wooden puzzles pass by all the time, one even more beautiful than the other.

Also elephant puzzles: AIDA now knows, thanks to the cookies, what I love...

Fortunately we have Yoors, where I earn a penny that I get to ruin from myself; -).

There is also a puzzle on the way, a parrot this time.


Isn't it beauty?

Of course it is a test, and I am very curious about the quality of the puzzles, the pieces of which have the shape of animals.

And that elephant puzzle from Amazon?

I also found it on Ali, but I try to keep AIDA under control until I know what the quality is...

I'll keep you in the loop!