And then... Mother Earth herself made a big cleaning.

In the year 2019 once lived a girl who grew up in the land of Pipi Longstocking. She was proud of her roots, and that's what you saw in her. She had the same haircut as her fictional compatriot. And she was equally rebellious.

The girl, let me call her Greta, tried to wake the world up. But the leaders of that world laughed at her.What did that little thing have to say in that big people world? She had so much to learn and she had a lot of notes on her vocals.She did move a little, although the teenagers liked the fact that they could stay away from school in a legal way. But it didn't make much use of anything else, because those same teenagers did what they had been doing for years. The only thing that changed was that a plastic straw was used less and a plastic bag was hard to get.

But Mother Earth cried. And the sea level rose.


It was 2020 and nothing had changed. Mother Earth was still crying.

And that's why she decided to use the big resources. Shaking the world up. To take drastic measures. Spring cleaning, like she hadn't done for centuries.

And she started with the countries that were most opposed to her. The countries that claimed they would do everything they could to save the climate and the earth, but kept the plan on the long run. In a few weeks, her plan was ready.

And she let families rediscover each other. They ate together again, talked to each other. Big and small. They realized where their priorities were. They realized who they liked, what mattered. They went hiking and cycling and left the car at home.


And nature woke up and they even saw it this time. They noticed that the birds were whistling, that the flowers were blooming, that the trees were getting buds... The air was getting cleaner. Noise silenched. And people had time... Time for each other, for the beautiful, for what matters in life. The world would never be the same again.

And Mother Earth stopped crying...

This blog was created through this challenge. #YoorsCoronaPositiveChallenge