And when I lost myself (part 4)... I found inside the strength to come back and fight

Yeah, a burn out will tell you... You know, I never thought it would happen to me.

And when I lost myself (part 4)... I found inside the strength to come back and fight

A sign on the wall... These symptoms - character traits - thoughts, dearest readers, are no matter how you turn it or turn it are unfortunately determining or co-determining for a burn out

Short sketch which was quite decisive for me... I didn't know it myself... it's only after 10 months that I discover something and the other about myself (and in consultation with psychologist and psychiatrist it is apparently all decisive factors that will help burn out)

Stress, I have no stress at all...

Perfectionist... yes maybe a little bit but is that bad?

Life for my job... uh, work from 9 till night, at night... but I like to do it.

Sleeping, not so good... yes, I haven't slept well for years... waking up thinking that I have to do that and that and that.

Worrying... All the time... the same thing every day... can't sleep because the thoughts keep going in my head

Social contacts... yes much... but apparently far too shallow

HSP... yes, that too... Taking emotions from other people, I'm a crack at that, and I'm stuck with it.

Hello, may I say something, too?? Everyone tells their story and I'm a good listener and sometimes a good counselor... Euhmmm I also want to tell you something (but to whom eh???) No problem, I'll fix it myself.

Asking questions? Constantly questioning myself... but dare to ask someone else... No Way!

Confidence?0.0... (and me who thought I was blasting with confidence)

Good, yes.... I'm good and good and I love people (is that bad??)

Say no... also a word I don't know.

Let go... What should I let go and how should you do it???? Everyone talks about letting go, but no one telling you how to do it?

Boundaries... What limits? If they say “jump”, I would still do it...

A heart for animals and people... OMG the discussions I had against racism and discrimination and blah blah... that also ruined me a lot. I simply have to accept that many people are racist, discriminate and, above all, selfish.

The works of mercy... and apparently I'm one of the few people left to carry that in my heart...

And then... this happens... totally on, hysterical, tired, listless, no longer wanting to go on, wondering what you're still doing here, and my memory gave up... I couldn't remember the smallest things, I had to rely on my parents to tell me everything, my doctor appointments and to keep track of such. I stuck 100 and post-eggs with most of the things that even a little kid wouldn't forget.

Short-term memory was gone... Concentration was gone...” Fancy to live” was gone... “To be happy” was gone...

and the road is not without trial and error

(TER INFO: I'm back at work after 10 months and I feel better than ever. I'm trying to put this down a little bit because I want to save people from the infernal ride I've been through... You do not wish your worst enemy how miserable and small I felt at times) #burnout #zelfvertrouwen

Will be prosecuted...


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