Announcement: Fraud detected on Yoors

We are sad to announce that we have confiscated proof for fraud circling on Yoors. We are very disappointed and the main account responsible for this, has been banned indefinitely. This person has been exchanging 100-500 Yoors Points for each heart they get on their post. This makes us very sad and we inevitably will have to take further action. It surprises us to see that a lot of Yoors Members have agreed on keeping this running. We will not disclose any names but we feel that we have the right to share this as this hurts us deeply and we want the Yoors members to know that we have taken action.

What happened exactly?

Disclaimer: By any means we do not check the private  messages of our members. Except if someone reported the messages for containing punishable content, that we indicate in the Community Guidelines. The photo to the right contains proof that the Yoors Member sends these messages to everyone in their messages list.

More proof resurfaced containing the damage that has been done to Yoors:
  •  The results of pools have been tampered with by asking for hearts in exchange for Yoors Points (100- 500 YP per heart) to more than 10+ members. Result: People have lost the pool unrightfully to these practices.
  • A lot of boosters have been claimed unrightfully by asking for hearts in exchange for Yoors Points to more than 10+ members. Result: People have lost the opportunity to earn boosters meant for them.
  • Fairshare rewards have been inned double by management of 3 accounts. Creators have been robbed of their Fairshare rewards by the same person.
  • Yoors Points exchange through private messaging with more than 10+ members involved. Result: A whole scheme has been plotted to gather all the Yoors Points distributed by @Henkjan de Krijger, @Babita de Boer and the other team members through boosters.
  •  Usage of 4 different accounts with 4 different phone numbers and e-mail addresses to vote on posts and manipulating statistics by posing as a different person. Result: Votes and statistics for certain posts were not real.

Gaming the system is not allowed

A total of more than 1,500,000 Yoors Points have been stolen from us and other Yoors members using this scheme. In just a few months time.... Payouts has been requested from several of the people involved and Yoors has paid this fully, but we are in the process of involving the authorities in specific cases.

We will take action

Unfortunately boosters and pools will have to be reviewed once again carefully and we will have to solve all loopholes one by one. The real question is : can we keep this system as it is, without someone taking advantage of it? This means that even more changes will have to be administered to the current functions for it to stay fair for everyone and to avoid fraud. We will not tolerate this any longer and therefore do not tolerate the following:

- Begging for hearts to other Yoors members

- Using more than 2 accounts without consent of the Yoors Team to gather votes on your own post

- Claiming Fairshare rewards on multiple accounts by the same person to then transfer the amount to your main account

- Asking other users to participate in a scheme to claim all the Yoors Points given by the Yoors Team to other members

It is disappointing

Our first priority is to keep all Yoors Members safe from fraud. If you make good content, you should be rewarded. If you made a great post, you should get a chance to win in the pools. We finally understand the struggle of bigger platforms. It is impossible to keep everyone happy and we have to keep an eye out for others trying to take advantage of you.

We have sponsored a lot of Yoors Members

Everyone who knows us, knows that we give hearts to content we like. And that we give boosters to people who deserve it. This will make us rethink our decision to give these out in the future. We will not continue sponsoring members who actively participate in a Yoors Points farming plan together.

Report any case of fraud to the Yoors Team

Please if you do see anything like this in the future, report it to the Yoors Team ( immediately and do not participate as this can end up in your account being banned. We do not want the system that we created with so much love to be unfair to others who have worked hard. If someone threatens you, do not be afraid, please report this to us and also to your local police if possible.

Please share this announcement so that we can get the message across. Warn other members for people who want to take advantage of you or the Yoors system.

Stay positive

Regardless of everything that has happened, we want to remain positive and put the trust in our members. Leave the thinking work to us! We will get out of this, for sure. Up to a fraud-proof, fair and transparent Yoors!

P.S For the other members that have participated in this circle of fraud, consider this as a warning. We are not happy about this, but you will receive a second chance from us to do better and to not do this ever again.