see the light

see the light

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can you see the light

that shines so bright

it's the fire

of my burning desire

it;s getting closer to you

a makes your eyes glow in the dark

just one spark

of the fire 

of my burning heartsdesire

it makes your eyes bluer than they were

no more blur

but the colour of spring

that makes your heart sing

you feet wanne move, the dance

so take the change

go to that burning fire

it's called, the heartsdesire

Aramis 2017


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erg mooi geschreven
| 15:26 |
Heel mooi geschreven!
| 08:09 |
the Heartsdesire...wauw niet verkeerd dus...mooi!
| 00:03 |
Dat is mooi geschreven
| 23:21 |

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