“At first I was afraid...” - My first post on Yoors

“Yoors, that seems like something to you,” my best friend told me yesterday. Blogging? That idea has been stimulating me for a long time, but I never dared to take the step. Maybe my best friend is right; maybe I should give Yoors a try. Of course, he's right. Sometimes I think he knows me better than I do. As a child, I already blogged about dinosaurs and The Sims (that was two different blogs for clarity; -)) and I love to come up with my own stories. Now I still write, but those writings often tumble into oblivion of the messy document folder on my laptop. So yes, Yoors is for me! I think...

I'm an eternal doubter, as you'll notice. That also makes me not very confident. I always think, “Who wants to read my writings?” “I'm sure they're not good enough.” Same song for my other passion: drawing. The more I told myself that I wasn't good enough, the less I drew and wrote. And I want to get rid of that now!

I'm not doing so well. I come from a relationship with someone I loved too much, my search for a job as a recent graduate is not easy, I miss my friends and the constant sitting at home by corona makes my mind mill run at full speed (and makes regularly for short circuits). It weighs heavily on me, both mentally and physically. Low motivation, long stay in bed, emo-eating, tension headaches and panic attacks.

Lately I have been looking up a lot about mental health and that helps me. I read very recognizable stories of others and that makes me realize that I am not the only one who is not feeling well at the moment. Another lesson I learned from this: I have to think more about myself. I miss the creativity I used to have. That's why I see Yoors as the perfect opportunity to pick up my writing and drawing again and share my own experiences with you. I look forward to getting acquainted with this community!

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