Back seat bingo travel game with surprises!

No, it's not a reading board... it's... backseat bingo! Are you bored quickly when you're travelling? Then we have a nice idea here, what you can make yourself and then play during your trip. Play bingo in the back seat, using a pill box!

Look around, hey, do you see a camper driving? Then you can open the box with the correct image! Do you see a police officer? Then you can open another box and find a surprise! Quite a bit exciting, what would all be in it?

Your patience is being tested a bit here, but I'm sure it's okay. Your father or mother can hide fun or tasty things in it before the trip. Or the kids can put surprises in the bingo box for each other. Super fun, right?

This idea and the pictures have been submitted by Veerle Schevernels , who made the bingo box for her daughter of 4.5 years old. It is a simple craft work, and fun to color and paste with your child beforehand. How to make it, you can read that below!