Lakhey(Nepali name for demons) are carnivorous demons(children as prey) depicted in Nepalese folklore with big fangs,long tongue,feral red face and long black hair.

Beauty of the beast

Love has that great power to change beast to beauty and similar folklore is passed down with most popular lakhey in Newar community of Nepal called MAJIPA LAKHEY.

Majipa lakhey falls in love with human girl from place called Majipa. The demon madly in love takes the form of human to visit the girl. During his visit,humans capture him and take him to the king for the punishment as demons have wrecked havoc in human world.

The wise king instead of giving punishment makes an offer. He would grant the demon to live in the city if he vow to protect the children from other demons from now on. Lakhey accepts the offer and there is a yearly Jatra(a street dance and rituals)every year where the Majipa lakhey is worshipped as god.

The lakhey becomes the protector of the children.

I saw this mask today at a Newari House and it prompted me to take some picture of it and make this post.I have attached the youtube link of Lakhey dance so you get more clearer picture of the dance and mask.

What is beauty?

Is the lakhey beautiful?
I think he is not if you are talking about facial beauty but although his looks is feral,his deeds made him a god.
This example shows us how beauty is not outside but inside our heart. Our deeds are the most important thing in the world which defines us.

What is the one thing that defines you?

Innocence is one of the quality that defines me. Most of people at first glance perceive me as innocent boy and I am as they perceive.

Mention one quality which defines you in the comment.