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Questions about aloe vera drinkgel.

Questions about aloe vera drinkgel.

Some time ago I wrote an article what aloe vera can do for your health. That his healing powers is still misunderstood in mainstream medicine was already known. There are many scientific studies on the effects of Aloe vera and DR Michael Peuser has delved into these studies. In the video below, he explains why. Michael Peuser has written a book and I myself have been to his seminar to learn more about this amazing plant. When I took my course Orthomolecular nutrition (difficult word for nutrition study of vitamins ...) advice did I immersed myself in the Aloe vera.

When do we use Aloe Vera?

Aloe Vera belongs to the category of food and further divided by the vegetables. The benefit of Aloe Vera is despite intensive studies today not completely clear. Several individuals can react vary widely on Aloe Vera. Most people notice a positive change in the body, and may therefore also general feeling of well, already after a few weeks. Is Aloe Vera therefore also seen as an energy drink. Aloe Vera is only taken as a cure? No. Aloe vera is an natural energy drink that gives the body a good feeling, and can, if desired, a whole life to be ingested. We recommend to consume the product for at least three months to notice the positive, physical change.

Do I get a rash of Aloe Vera?

It is said that Aloe Vera has a lightde toxifying effect to boost the metabolism. some persons can have some rash for short time of periods because the body needs to ajust the working of the plant substances. When you have a rash problem take the Aloe Vera Concentrate creme for solving the problem.

Do I gain weight of Aloe Vera?

No, certainly not. Aloe Vera has a stimulating effect on the metabolism and earlier removes waste of your body. Vital signs are frequently improved. You feel through better and better.

Does Aloe Vera burn fat?

Aloe Vera stimulates the metabolism. Bodyfat will not specifically be burned by Aloe Vera. One feels it vital and thus better.

Aloe Vera has side effects?

No, up to now there are no known side-effects of Aloe vera. On the contrary, the immune system is strengthened, allergies weaken.

I get diarrhea from Aloe Vera?

Due to the gentle purification of the intestine it can be quite extraordinary to diarrhea come. Normally weaken these symptoms after a few days. Reduce simply the amount of the Aloe Vera. Normal 30 ml , 3 times a day, but take then ex 2 times a day.

Can I drive a car?

Yes you can still drive a car ,it is no medicine to affect driving. Tis is rather a supplement to an energy drink.

Is there alcohol in the Aloe Vera Gel?

Absolutely not. Alcoholic beverages based on Aloe Vera are very rare.

Aloe Vera can trigger an intolerance of another drug?

Theoretically not. s it organic diseases, and one must therefor important preventivetake drugs, we recommend that, for the intake of Aloe Vera Gel to consult the doctor.

Aloe Vera affects the working of the birth control pill?

On this theme are no known side effects. This is about a foodand not a drug. A connection or interaction with a hormone preparation is ruled out.

Aloe Vera reduces the action of antibiotics or penicillin?

No, Aloe Vera is a dietary supplement. But we still recommend to the use of potent drugs, in any case, the treating physician to consult

Can I take Aloe Vera with heartburn?

Aloe Vera contributes to your feeling good and thereby to prevent or even to takenguidance f a disease to be treated Please withdoctor the possible interactions of the medicines to taketo discuss.

Can I use Aloe Vera while I'm sunbathing?

Yes, no problem. Aloe Vera activates no phototoxic effect.

Aloe Vera has an energizing effect?

Aloe vera is an energy drink. The metabolism is stimulated and strengthened the immuunsystem. The general feeling good is increased.

Aloe vera can be ingested by hyperactive people?

Absolutly no problem. But we suggest, a permanent drugs intake, to discuss it with the doctor.

Can the Aloe Verachange the value of the liver?

Aloe vera will transport various types of waste, that's the Michael Peuser theory, it may also brief overload the liver keep your doctor informed.

Aloe Vera also promotes blood circulation?

Certainly not. Aloe Vera is not a medicine. The metabolism is stimulated.This makes you feel lighter and more energetic.

Which organs are positively affected by Aloe Vera?

We can not speak of a particular organ. One feels more capable, more vital and certainly healthier.

Aloe Vera can be drunk with alcohol?

You can Aloe Vera mix with alcohol to the desired extent. This is about combinations with sparkling wine in long drinks, etc. Some factors point that the therapuetic effects of Aloe Vera can encouraged by the alcohol.

Aloe Vera can also be taken by people who are bedridden, or stimulatesthe intestines?

Aloe Vera stimulates the entire metabolism. Indeed, it may infew cases come to diarrhea. These symptoms disappear very quickly. We recommended that in such cases, to reduce the dose of gel.

Aloe vera can be taken with open legs?

Here we recommend especially the Aloe Vera Concentrate. Apply the product onthe open wounds on the skin will cure from the outside to the inside. asSupport from the inside it is the best ting to do to drink Aloe Vera. Use for the wounds Aloe Vera Propolis on the outside of the wound.

Can Aloe Vera be mixed into other foods, such asFor example, in pudding?

Pudding includes milk. We recommend Aloe Vera not milkstirring. Aloe Vera is working in milk viscosity reducing. As a result, awell shaped pudding impossible.Best use unsweetened fruit juice, tea or sparkling water.

Aloe Vera can be frozen?

In principle yes. It is certainly more effective if you take the product asit is well chilled. Then we sure that all valuable ingredientsretained.

What is the effect of Aloe Vera in the summer when it is very hot?

Aloe Vera is despite preservatives a very sensitiveproduct. After opening the product should be kept cool and within 4weeks to be used up. Please note, however, that in short-term detention in the carthe car does not get too hot. The valuable product could thus be damaged.

Can I make aloe vera ice creams?

The gel can be eaten in a frozen state.

I hope your questions are answered. If you still have any questions please aske them.

Bibi make up queen.

Aida Majzoub
Aloe can is the best homemade remedy... even for cuts and burns!
08-12-2016 14:45
08-12-2016 14:45 • 1 reactie • Reageer
Aloe vera is a al round medicine. greetings Bibi make up queen
09-12-2016 15:29
09-12-2016 15:29 • Reageer
Oke we wil drink aloe
18-11-2016 18:59
18-11-2016 18:59 • 1 reactie • Reageer
Didi you kno before you under go a surgery in brasil the doctors prescribe to drink Aloe Vera because it opens the small blood vessels called capillaries? It is overthere a standard procedure. the reason also is the wounds heel much faster and better. Greetings, Bibi make up queen
19-11-2016 11:39
19-11-2016 11:39 • Reageer
I have Aloe vera growing in my garden. We drink it, mixed in fresh fruitjuice. I also use it for my skin and hair.
18-11-2016 15:48
18-11-2016 15:48 • 1 reactie • Reageer
Hi,You can even use it for health issues, see my other article about Aloe Vera. It is called Aloe Vera the queen of medicine plants. Greetings, Bibi make up queen
19-11-2016 11:35
19-11-2016 11:35 • Reageer
Jolanda Molenaar
Very good and clear Q&,A of Aloe Vera, thx Bibi
18-11-2016 15:39
18-11-2016 15:39 • Reageer