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Ringana hydro Serum.

Ringana hydro Serum.

With its unique formula of active ingredients, the Hydro Serum is a regenerating cream. Which contains such as aloe vera, olive extract, and rosewater. These components working in the deep layers of the skin. This cream is also used to prepare the skin for the cream concentrate of RINGANA.

Also, this cream contains the enzyme Q10, but even extracts of buds of cherry and apricot.

The product contains these ingredients to:

hyaluronic acid

vitamin E




ceramide III






Sorbitan Olivate (RINGANA Microcell emulsifiers from olive)

This type of cream is suitable for the following types of skin such as dry skin, normal skin and oily skin.


I brought the product after I had cleaned my face with the facial toner. The fresh scent and easily absorption by my skin made it comfortable. It does not feel greasy. Again, you can smell the natural ingredients. My skin got more supplest and also the cream regulates the natural moisture from my skin.

Again a very effective natural product which once again proves that there no chemical components are required to obtain the same effects with the mainstream brands in the department stores.

Well I must admit that the products RINGANA seem a bit on the expensive side. Although I have tested several vegan brands, I must say that RINGANA is in the middle category of prizes. There were products with the same quality that I paid easily to 76 euros. But I think as the vegan products prices would be cheaper that more people would buy them. But that's my opinion.

All in all I think RINGANA a very good brand and I will definitely buy some more products in the future and recommend them to my clients in the make up chair.

Price: 45.10

30 ml

You can visit the website here

Bibi make up queen.