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What about sun protection?

What about sun protection?

In spring and summer we enjoy the warmth, the sunshine, the wonderful outdoor walks, nice cycling trips ...

Very often I get the question of what people ask me about what are good solar products and what they need to watch for safe sunbathing. As you know, insufficient sun protection is not as innocent as it seems. You can  get skin cancer, which has already been scientifically proven. I am not going to talk about which cancers there are, that’s outside my field. I'm going to tell you how to protect yourself from harmful sun shades, which products you use best and where you recognize good products. So this is in fact part one of my article. After all, I'm a beauty expert who is looking for the best possible natural alternatives to keep our health up to date.

Safe browning does not exist, unfortunately no remedies have been found to optimally protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Tanning beds are even more dangerous. So I strongly do not recommend that. But even if you slowly burn, it's dangerous, whether you burn or not.

UVB rays burn the skin and this has a direct harm to your skin, even if you only walk for a minute in the sun. So protect yourself!

You can not feel UVA rays  but are the cause of skin cancer and aging of the skin (wrinkles). UVA rays even penetrate glass. Environmental factors also reflect the radiation to your skin, walls, grass, cement, the road ... Also the height plays along. The higher you go (eg traveling to the mountains) strengthens the power of the sun.

But what does SPF mean on your sunscreen product?

Sunscreen products provide some protection against UV radiation. But earlier, each brand had its own quotation to indicate how you were protected from that radiation. Now, today, the abbreviation SPF or Sun Protection Factor is used. The abbreviation has originated in Australia. There the government seized to provide a standard quotation for solar products. After all, one struggled with a lot of skin cancer. SPF is expressed in numbers from 5 to 50 and is called the SPF factor. This is the level of protection that this device gives to the sunlight by combustion by the UV rays present. Thus, the product's solar protection factor (SPF) indicates how long you can stay in the sun before burning. Question is how do you know how long you can stay in the sun and what factor?

 If you usually stay in the sun for 10 minutes before your skin becomes red, you can stay in the sun with a SPF 15 product for about 2.5 hours before burning. The calculation formula is: 10 (minutes) x 15 (SPF) = 150 (minutes), or 2½ hours. Use a waterproof product with sunscreen if you go swimming or excessive sweat, apply the product every 40 minutes. (source www.beautyfullskin.be)

 An SPF is crucial, but just says something about sunburn by UVB rays.

It is dangerous for your skin to not have UVA protection and many sunscreen products do not have any components that really offer a broad spectrum of protection against UVA and UVB rays. You can not read the protection against UVA rays. For this, you must look at the ingredient list on the product. Look for zinc oxide, titanium oxide, avobenzode, Mexoryl or Tinosorb. If it is not between it, it does not provide adequate protection for your skin against UVA rays, which is dangerous to your skin.

Tip: put on your sunscreen product for at least 15 minutes to 20 minutes before going into the sun. Thus, the product is absorbed and dispersed to give you sufficient protection. No filter protects 100%.

Now enjoy the summertime!

Bibi make up Queen.

Veel te veel mensen vergeten het nog
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Indeed to many people forget to use sun protection. So I hope this information will open their eyes for it. Greetings, Bibi make up queen
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