Big Insects - At Burgers Zoo in October!

Big Insects - the travelling exhibition

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A fun getaway for the whole family. A beautiful collection of insects, spiders, scorpions: all creepy bugs but in Giant format! Beautifully arranged and with movement and sound. Very nice of course again to take pictures, who reads my blogs more often knows that I select them too!

In the autumn break of 2020, they can be found at Burgers Zoo!


We went to Big Insects when the exhibition was set up in Natura Docet Also a very nice outing now that the exhibition is passing through again!


Big Insects, you think you're a leprechaun as you walk among the huge animals.

Here the Asian tiger mosquito, buzzing around your ears!


Isn't it sweetie? The huge weevil cannot hide among the tall grass. I tried to move on unseen!

Insects are a huge source of food in nature. And many insects and other invertebrates are important for cleaning up organic waste (waste from animals and plants)


Wow, what a beautiful dragonfly! The 'statues' are beautifully arranged between the plants.

I don't know how this is going to happen at Burgers Zoo, but that will undoubtedly be wonderful! In the autumn holidays the Big Insects can be found there! On the site: Big Insects at Burgers Zoo you will find more information!


More information about the travelling exhibition can be read on the site of Big Insects itself.

Also for the pollination of flowers, and therefore for the development of fruits, insects are very important!

Insects and other vertebrates are such an extremely important link in nature. That is, of course, one of the reasons for this exhibition. Wondering and awareness. I can do that here!


This sweet snail we also met during our walk. Each animal has an information sign.

You can also do a scavenger hunt with assignments. If the children perform the assignment well, and have really watched the exhibition with attention, then they get a little something!

Still, this is really an outing for adults too! I would have gone too if my daughter didn't want to go along for that wonder, because of my own interest as a biologist, AND of course as a fanatical hobby photographer!

TIP for taking photos: Set your camera to floral photography to raise the contrasts slightly.

TIP go down your knees while shooting, and you get even more the effect of the giant animals compared to you as a 'null' being.


Then there is also the Quizzzzz!!! Miro and Kreek ask the children questions in a very fun way, in which a battle arises between team Miro and team Kreek. Also nice for the parents to watch. And I'm sure you as parents will learn something from it too!

And who knows also a meet and greet with Creek and Miro, that makes the day complete (oei, but also a bit exciting maybe)