Bird Feeder - High tea - station DIY

High tea for the birds in the garden! DIY

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Again something different than my other blogs! This afternoon finally made a craft that was on my want-to-do list for a long time! As suits me again, I made three immediately, also as a gift for parents and in-laws (ssssssssst, keep this a secret!)

My daughters are still allowed to decorate them with porcelain markers and acrylic markers!


  • Saw two boards and (glue and) screw them together at right angles. Pre-drill! Measure the length by the size of your cup and jug!
  • Stick a painting tape on two sides before drilling a hole through the porcelain to prevent breakage!
  • Using a small drill, drill a hole in the bottom of the jug and the head, and then with a thicker drill, a slightly larger hole through which your screw passes.
  • Drill the boards for where your head and can screw to the boards.
  • Screw, with a ring, the head and can be attached to the wood. WARNING that you do not tighten too tight, because then it will burst after all (yes, I have become an expert in this)

And now just wait for the birds!!

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