Blood pricking by appointment and puncture rabbit

This week, I must have been poking blood for the appointment with my internist in a few weeks. Some results later wait longer, so I always prick well in time. Nothing as annoying as an appointment and not having all the results yet.

Since September 1st you can make an appointment here in the hospital online to get blood pricked. Ideal, because usually the waiting time is longer than half an hour to an hour. Just exception of the holidays, but now I had already moult 1 week in advance made an appointment. I could indicate this at the registration column and could actually go straight to the counter and when I was still putting my vest in my bag I was already allowed to go to the puncture chamber.

I've had quite a few traumas of blood poking left from my childhood. I have rolling barrels and pricking was very difficult and they thought to be in the barrel, then suddenly it was gone and they went rooting to find the barrel. So with the needle under the skin back and forth. I remember that as a burning pain and so always a lot of hassle. Fortunately the last few years things have been a lot easier, but I always say that I want to be pricked on the left, because things are always going well there.

There was a student (with supervisor) and if this one could prick me. My first thoughts were NO, but if I just want to be helped in the future it is important that the next generation learns and whether it is myself or my birds I am in favour of that, otherwise we will not be anywhere.

The puncture went fine and the first tube did, but then a hissing equals and a droplet blood along the needle and then more blood from my arm. That scared the student so much, so pulled the needle with the first tube out of my arm. The supervisor took over and because there was no clear barrel she pricked just above the first place for the other 2 tubes. The supervisor gave the student some tips and I could tell my story about my experience, but also about rooting from my past. All in all I am glad that I did it, both for the student who is gaining beautiful experience and say yourself you learn the most from mistakes, but also for myself because I am not a prickhero at all, but I have endured this beautifully.


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