Book Fidget Fun (The Craft Teacher Ede)

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There he is, then.! The brand new book Fidget Fun!

With this book (from De Knutseljuf Ede) you make your own fidgets, with simple home, garden and kitchen items! Fidgets are fun, for everyone, and now to craft yourself!


The Fidget craze

Fidgets conquer the world! Toys to make and play with: pop it, play and have fun. You see them at home, in the schoolyard and in the classroom. Create your own fidget and pop toys with this book by The Craft Teacher Ede. Give your classmates a check and craft the cutest fidgets to dolls, pinch, click and fidgets. Nice to make, but even finer to play with. Discover step by step how to make every DIY fidget, including fun games. A book by Luitingh-Sijthoff publishing house, full of great ideas for hours of pop & play fun.

What are fidgets?

It's a bit difficult to explain what Fidgets are, but you probably do it sometimes; unconsciously clicking your pen, frunniking rubber bands, beer mats, your necklace, twisting your ring, rustling with candy wrappers or some fruttering with what you have at hand. During a phone call, or during another occupation, where you need concentration. That's exactly what fidgets are, they're plays/materials with which you can play. They can move, spin, click, pop or rustle, and the fruiting and frunniking on it works relaxing! In this book you will find all kinds of examples and inspirations to create your own fidgets. So fun and handy!

Curious about the book? You can order it now, so that you will be one of the first to see the book on the doormat! Click on the photo of the book or click HERE to view the booklet or to order (via Bookwereld).

Creative greetings and lots of Fidget Fun desired,


The Craft Teacher Ede


Useful permanent markers that you can use when making the fidgets: more info


100 Keyrings to make all your friends and girlfriends all kinds of fun fidgets! - more info


Also these dot pens (pearl pens) are beautiful and fun to decorate your fidgets! You can find them in the webshop of Trixx Creatief! more info

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