Book gold election, do you want to vote?

It's time, the book gold election is about to start and I hope to score high. My book: 'The sunset of the sun can count on a good rise 'is also part of it and you can vote: Here is the link.

From 10 ferbuari the ballot box is open and the votes can be given until 1 March 12.00! You're not familiar with my book yet?

Then I will put a small anthology below.

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I love to play with language. So the book is full of language finds.

These language finds are all made with pictures. Photos that have summoned something to me. One time this was humorous, the other time emotional, another time inspiring.

A simple find can hit another. That's what I do in this book and what you regularly read from me here on Yoors.

The picture on the right is an example. an example not found in the book. What's in there, I haven't placed anywhere else.

I hope for a good turnout, unlike my book; without that ruin!