Bring More On Yoors

I am going to share my personal experience, i have searched much before, i found numerous platforms on internet but maximum platforms have some issues and concerns associated with them. But when i came on the #yoors Platform it brings desirable changes in my overall thinking, it widens the intellectual aspect of mind and also i came in contact with diverse knowledges, epistemologies and people all across the globe.

There are number of think tanks in the world but the idea given by @Henkjan de Krijger his quite versatile and modern. It is the platform where we make judicious use of everything like internet and time and also this platform provide us number of avenues where we can earn to meet our needs.


The essence of my post is that to bring more and more on this platform there are numerous ways for that :

  • By persuading friends.
  • Enhance the credibility of #yoors at every social media platform.
  • Verbally and so on.

So that they all get opportunities to in order to explore their talent what they possess.

#yoors is a platform where you can earn on each and every single task. you are also paid here for giving (heart, promote comment, like so on) . here is an upvoting system means reader can also earn here as well. 

I personally request here each and every member do share the knowledge they have, keep on blogging and writing articles and try to make them more and more creative and artistic. Dear all members of #yoors family always encourage here. suggest everybody how you will become monetized here at an earliest, how you will post here or share any other kind of content and how you will design the post that will really solve the problems and concerns of readers.


@Henkjan de Krijger 

@Yoors Official