Bromtroll from the picture book to felt needle and use it as a cuddly toy

Recently I shared a beautiful book with the titleBromtrolll! It is a very nice picture book with a very nice story about the #Bromtrolll . The book outlines a situation that will certainly evoke a form of recognition in children. In your life, of course, you have to deal with various misfortunes. The way you deal with it also determines whether you can learn to deal with it. To read this book in a special way you can learn how to make a Bromtrollllusing needle felting. You can then use it when reading aloud but also use it in a playful way. And you can really cuddle the Bromtrollllhere! You will see some information about this beautiful book and the materials used. You can then read the method of host parentIneke van der Linde which is theBromtrolll went needle felting

Here you can read my previous blog back with a book-craft incl. template of the Bromtrolll!

This picture book story is written by:Barbara van Den Speulhof . The beautiful illustrations come from:Stephan Pricken Black. The book is published by:Veltman Uitgevers BV.

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The little troll tries to build a hut, but that stupid thing keeps collapsing. The apples don't want to fall out of the tree and the paper boats all sink... That makes the little troll very angry. Really angry. He's humming about it. He's a mock troll! One day his boyfriends will have enough and they'll pack their bags. Can the little troll make it up to you?

Author:Barbara Van Den Speulhof

Illustrator: Stephan Pricken BlackBlack

Publisher:Veltman Uitgevers B.V.

Here you will find the necessary and used materials for needle-felting. View on the website ofMeaningful Crafts the various materials and possibilities.


Ineke tells:

It seems super fun to me. It's just... I hardly have any experience with this.
At most 2x “wet stone felting” and 2 needle felting (felting)
painting and a Ufo needle felting on styropor) in advance. Bromtol, the painting and the Ufo are all 3 in 1 week made with the starter set Bhedawol by Meentful Crafts.
The needle felting is very nice to do. It's not difficult. Well, it is
wise to have (as a beginner) some extra safety equipment,
like a needle holder or leather thimbles. There are at the bottom of the
felting needles have a number of barbs. You're not happy when you prick yourself.
So after I had already tried 2 types of “techniques”, it was time
for a 3rd. A 3D doll figure or animal. But then what? I decided to create a
cuddly toy with a picture book I bought recently. Bromtoll.
How, then? I don't actually have the slightest notion!! There is no motive or
description of! I decide to see the 3D needle felting just like
modeling with clay. You start something and see how far you
Comes. The book upright on the table and just work on the basis of
Bromtol on the back of the book...

Read now the method and step-by-step plan of the Bromtrolll:

1. Grab a pluck of wool. Folding/roll that into each other until about. The size of a

Ping-pong ball. Go spinning with this ball. The Sphere

becomes smaller and harder. If you think it's too small, do you add an extra pick?

around. If you think the total has become a bit too hard, do you put a small

pluck around it and pierce this “slightly”. Now you have a “hairy”

ball which serves as a starting point for the bodice. Note: the size

of this bodice determines the final size of your

doll/little animal.


2. Bromtol has a slightly very light pink/cream-like color belly. Such

color is not in the package I have. I'm going on good luck some

mix. Pack of 2 colors a small tuft and roll this together.

Put this mixed tuft on the bodice and pin it on it.


Felting the belly needle from Bromtrolll!

3. For the legs: Grab a tuft of wool, pull it apart. Fold 1

end flatten and leave the rest up. Prick the flat piece into the

shape of a leg. When the shape of the foot is in it, you can

lay the edge of the foam cushion, so you can prick the leg. So

it stays upright. Keep a tuft about what isn't genaaldfelt.

With that you later attach it to the bodice.


Felting the belly needle from Bromtrolll!

4.When you have this form ready. Can you apply very small balls

for the toes. If necessary, pierce a dark color thread between the toes

to accentuate the toes extra.

5. For the nails you also grab a very small tuft that you

stretches and starts pricking. Keep a very small piece of unpricked wool,

with which you prick the nails to the toes.

6. In the same way as the legs you also make the hand.



7.For the head of bromtol weel, grab a pick the size of a

Ping-pong ball. Poke these spinning in. Leave the hindquarters some

become “hariger”. Grab a new smaller tuft and puncture it loosely on the head like a nose.

8. For the ears, take a small tuft. Put this already a little in the form

and size of an ear on the foam cushion. And prick this in shape. Make sure there

for that you have a hairy edge and that the inside is a little harder.

Now mix the 2 colors as previously described and fill in the

inner of the ears. Grab a very small piece of dark blue and put this

fixed only to the edge of the ear. This is the tuft of hair that comes out of the

ears of Bromtol sticks. This tuft you can also at the last

if the ear is already attached to the head.




9. Now start putting the parts together. Note the center of gravity

when you put your head on your body. Fix the parts with the fluffy

pieces that you left on the parts. Put it in loosely first

each other, so you can be sure that your center of gravity is right and then put it

Better fixed.

10. For the eyes, take a small tuft of white and black. Decide for yourself whether you

make this directly on the head or you prick the eyes first

on the foam cushion.

11. Mix 3 colors of blue for the hair of Bromtol. Prick 1

side a little harder. This side you attach to the head and fold/roll something

and then loosely attach the end that you have pinched very lightly to

The back.



12. Take a small tuft of cream/beige wool for the boat. Put it in the

shape the boat and pierce it well into model. To remove the folds of the

“paper” boat you can accentuate a few strands of dark red or

use brown. Punch the boat onto the hand/leg.

Now Bromtol is ready to play!!


Felting the boat needle from Bromtrolll!



Extra bonus material with this Bromtrollllhug is a coloring sheet and an ironing bead pattern!!

Especially for the Bromtrollllfans also a nice coloring sheet.. lots of color fun!

This coloring sheet is not for online sharing but for personal use.



Here you haveBromtrollllexecuted in iron beads.

You first need to save them in a folder on your computer. Then you can print it out.

Will you share with us the picture of this Bromtrollllonce you've taken it?

Nice inspiration to do even more with felting!

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