Bullying my personal experience

if I remember correctly this happened since I was in kindergarten.
I was studying in kindergarten and everything was happy for me until one day they enrolled in my school a certain girl who, despite being newer than me, became friends with two more classmates and convinced them to make my life impossible through insults, humiliations and they even reached the point of physical aggression such as pushing me out of the chair where #bulling #tuition #education #plagen #theplague #bullying #teasing #kids #jeugdigen #qualifications #problem #problem #loss #loss #mourning #grief #suicide

I was just 6 years old, she discriminated against me because of my skin color and they told me that my curly hair was bad hair and that I was sure had bugs, which was not true but since I was a girl I didn't know how to defend myself since there were 3 of them and I was only one this caused me to go down my self-esteem thinking that I was and that my beautiful curly hair was also one day my mom witnessed the mistreatment of me by the girls and took letters in the matter scolding them and telling them not to mess with me to such a surprise that the teacher heard this and called my mother to the school management claiming that my mother I was annoying the minors and that that was not right she was an adult my mom felt helpless and just defended me
But in the case when abusive girls were messing with me, the teacher didn't do anything about it,
One day my dad, after listening to what my mom said, talked to me and told me not to listen to the mockery of the girls that I was very beautiful and had to love me and defend me whatever it was and that was how it was one day I faced the girls and fought with them beating the leader of the taunts and until that day they harassed me later it didn't happen anymore and I understood that if you don't give yourself respect from the beginning and you want no one will.