Burn out and get better...

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Since mid-June this year I have come home with a burnout and panic attacks, I was at work and almost fainted up to twice. Then I went home earlier and crawled into bed. It seems like I skipped the 2 weeks that followed... everything was over and I felt bad! On the third day I did not get well at night, I could not sleep, was sweating, hands and feet trembled I thought I was going crazy! The HAP called and it just said yes is part of it, you can pick up soothing meds so you can sleep... so at 3:00 my friend went for that medication, and there I was in bed sort of the card and my daughter sleeping in the other room. I was so glad that my friend was home again!

These past months have really gone with ups and downs I'm not there yet but sometimes I have days when I have a little more energy and can do something fun even if it's walking or crafting. But when you have a down again, all bodily ailments seem to take the upper hand and that's so bad! Then sometimes I do not dare to drive a car, and therefore not go to work... I would like to get better ( #Heal ), but what is this a tricky disease...

It is said, take rest and take your time but in the meantime life goes on, household drops instead of popping, appointments such as dentist, physio, therapy and your work must also continue so that is quite contradictory. Also, you try everything to feel good faster, especially in the first 2 months of my leave, because it was corona and summer vacation, so the appropriate help I needed was all not available! What is it nice if you have people around you who are unfortunately experienced experts, but can guide you through and be there for you if you want to tell your story, or have to cry a little.

So if you have to make it up yourself, I'm a fan of the diffuser oils and rollers. Natural soothing pills when needed. (yes prefer no medication as well, but sometimes it just doesn't work) In the past period now almost 6 months, I try to do some yoga exercises where I can, I rest often in the afternoon, just like my daughter who fortunately still takes a nap even if it is only an hour. I try to walk daily, pick up old hobbys like taking pictures, bought sports cars (instead of my stupid station car 😉) But also new hobbys like writing here on Yoors!


Decoration of my bedside table


Rollertje here, rollertje over there