Buy a 20ft New Shipping Container With Double Doors (Grade A)

Double the number of doors on your container with this exceptional container that has a standard set of doors on the front and back. These containers have only made one trip to North America and are in great condition with only minor scratches to show, with an extra set of standard doors on the opposite end of the container. double door shipping containers for sale

• These 20-foot shipping containers are built tough with 14-gauge steel, with extra-strong members and corner posts.
• These containers can fit your summer car, the contents of a three-bedroom house and so much more!
• Our naturalgasncontainers inspection process ensures that each container is in the condition you want and need.
• Ask us about naturalgasncontainers certification, which ensures that your used container is 100% watertight and the doors seal properly.
• Custom modifications can transform your double-door shipping container into the space you want and need, which can include windows, insulation, electricity, flooring, heating, A/C and much more.
• These container units are in stock and ready to be shipped out within 48 hours depending on your modification needs. Buy 20ft New Shipping Container With Double Doors

20’ Container Measurements
Width: 2.4 m. (8 ft.)
Height: 2.6 m. (8.5 ft.)
Length: 6 m. (19.84 ft.)
Weight: 2,360 kg. (5,204 lbs.)
Capacity: 32.8 cu. m. (1,158 cu. ft.)

Why buy a new shipping container from Canadian owned and operated naturalgasncontainers? It can save you time, money and headaches! Contact us to learn more.

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Buy 20ft New Shipping Container With Double Doors (Grade A) | double door shipping containers