Buying a pressure washer: How to make the right choice

Buying a pressure cleaner is indispensable for jobs around your home. With the right choice, you will soon find that he will do you more service than you think. Especially when cleaning your...

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Popsicle sticks tools for Father's Day
Okeee, you can't really carpentry, saw, screw and measure with it. But it's really homemade, for your dad who likes jobs. Just from a pair of wooden popsicle sticks, colored paper/cardboard and paint markers. You can paste the tool on a card or on your gift, or you glue it on a canvas cloth, which you painted first. Maybe you know something else nice to do with. Anyway, you can easily recreate these tools, if you would like. Draw it or pull the shape over, so that a little job. It's a father's day craft from the little handler, for the sweetest big handler. Hopefully, we will inspire you with these examples, to make even more tools. Because tools you can never have too much! Needed: 3 colors of paper/cardboard, 18 wooden popsicle sticks, allslime and paintmarkers, eg. from Collall. It covers perfectly and is super handy! Tool box: first stick the 5 sticks together with 2 pieces of popsicle stick on the back. So also at the ruler. (Only then colors) Handsaw and storage box for nails. Is your daddy your buddy too? Then write it on this tape measure! Want to know where the materials are available? Then you can look below: Popsicle sticks | Naturel | L 5,5 cm x B 0,6 cm | 400 stuks Bij Heutink €3,75 - more info Paintmarkers | Colorall | Set à 12 verschillende kleuren. At Heutink €26,95 - more info Coloured cardboard | Colortime | A5 | 180 gram | 60 vel Mooi stevig papier/karton in 13 verschillende kleuren. 60 sheets, A5 size 180 grams - more info Musical Popsicle Sticks - Read more Fruit tinkering with wooden popsicle sticks - Read more A Mexican party with popsicle sticks - Read more Popsicle sticks Aan Zee - Read more Festive wooden popsicle sticks - Read more Fruit ice cream crafts with popsicle sticks - Read more De Knutseljuf Ede has been working with Mirelle van Crea for years with Kids! All craft tips of De Knutseljuf Ede can be found on the website Do you want a creative workshop at your home? Then look at Follow De Knutseljuf Ede on Facebook , Instagram and Pinterest Mail: - Want to see more here on Yoors? Or give a comment or maybe post something yourself? That can be! Sign up first (free) at Yoors: - Sign up here for free at Yoors! #popsiclesticks #utensils #fathersday #klassers #father #papa #tinkering #icesticks #tinkertip #utensilsknutselen #creatively #creativelybezig #creativelybezigzijn #homemade #homemadeiszoveelleuker #handigepapa #carpentry #zagen #screwdriver #chores #woodsticks #craftsticks
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